10 Tips for Incoming Freshmen

By Simone Bernstein and Taylor Stone
1. The School District of Clayton is now using myLunchMoney.com, a new, free service that allows parents to make online debit or credit card payments into your school breakfast and lunch account.
2. Announcements are always available online. Check them out at the CHS home page.
3. Remember the new Food Allergy Management Policy- don’t bring peanut products into class! Check out the Globe story on the front page of this issue for more information.
4. Make sure to join a club or sport that you’re interested in.
5.  Remember that Freshman Parents Night is Aug. 20 and Open House is Aug. 27.
6. You’re at school, not prison! Discover outside food options during lunch hours.
7. Volunteer on your free time! Check out stlouisvolunteen.com for opportunities.
8. Explore St. Louis events such as The 2009 St. Louis Art Fair- Sept. 11, 12, and 13.
9. Utilize the Center of Clayton! Make sure to get your Center of Clayton ID at their front desk so that you can work out or get lunch there.
10. Pick up a Globe each month in the Commons! The next issue will be available the week of Sept. 21.