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Edge of 17
December 13, 2016
Tara Williams

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Welcoming Danskey
May 21, 2017

Gerard Craft has a new addition to his restaurant empire: Sardella. Residing in the former home of his fine-dining restaurant, Niche, Sardella offers a more fresh and casual dining experience than its posh (but beloved) sister.
Open most hours of the day, Sardella serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. According to its website, “Sardella is an ancient Italian sauce made from sardines, salt and peppers. It’s a vibrant sauce of the sea and the earth, and it serves as inspiration for our space and our cuisine.”
The dishes offer fresh twists on traditional Italian dishes, including Burrata served with Salsa Verde and Toast, or the “Drunken Pappardelle,” a new spin on a Pastaria favorite. The decor of the restaurant is fresh too. The dozens of colorful sardine tins lining the cabinets, open floor space and long booths make the restaurant feel airy and bright.
The waitstaff is very friendly, talkative and more than willing to explain anything unfamiliar on the menu. Sardella hits all of the notes for a casual restaurant: creative dishes, a comfortable atmosphere, friendly service and, of course, a great burger.