‘Classy’ proves informative

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Having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior. That is the dictionary definition of “classy”. Everyone wants to have class, everyone tries to have class, but a lot of the time, especially in this day and age, the lines between classy and trashy are blurred. Plus, it’s not the ‘50’s anymore; most girls don’t know what to do with a salad fork or how short is too short of a skirt. But have no fear. All of these gray areas are about to be brighter than a newly bleached celebrity smile.

(Taylor Gold)

(Taylor Gold)

Derek Blasberg, editor of V magazine, Vogue blogger and St.Louis native has written a book to define the lines between class and trash. “Classy” is not just your typical manners guide. Although it includes basic information like how to set a table and write a thank you card, it also includes tons of modern day advice on topics like staying away from bad boys and not wearing Uggs in public.

Blasberg confronts a lot of important issues in a playful funny way. He spends two articles poking fun of smoking and showing that no matter who is doing it, its not classy. He also talks about alcohol and drugs, saying that a real lady doesn’t drink to get drunk and there is nothing chic about cocaine. He also points out the major issue of body image, which is so important because of his prominent role in the fashion industry, which is infamous for having weight issues. The book is full of fun pictures of how to not dress at the airport, how to pose for a camera and what a thank you card from Tom Ford looks like. Towards the back of the book is a section on artists, books, and movies that every girl should be educated on. Each page has something fun to look at and funny to read, while still becoming a little more educated on modern class.

Blasberg doesn’t set strict guidelines for what’s classy. He gives you permission to enjoy a bucket of chicken with champagne, just as long as you restrict drunken texts and photos you will regret the next day. The main thing someone could take away from this book is that it’s fun to be smart, sophisticated and sexy. It never pays off to be slutty, rude and ignorant. “Classy” basically says this on every page but in a witty, informative way.

The problem is that Classy is more of a shiny book to flip through at Borders instead of a book to refer to when putting together an outfit or planning a party. Also, everything that Blasberg says is helpful, but chances are if you really need the information he is offering, you probably won’t be buying a book by a New York fashion journalist.

However, Blasberg’s advice can be totally trusted. Growing up in the Midwest, he was taught old-fashioned manners, but then moved to Manhattan and picked up the street-smarts of a New Yorker. The two worlds combined with the fact that he is best friends with the Olsen twins, sits front row at every fashion show and writes for almost all the major fashion magazines makes him the perfect person for the job of writing advice for “the extremely modern lady.”

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