Inside look at class fundraising

Though Homecoming Dance isn’t put on by the Student Officers, almost every other festivity of the week requires funds from the four classes. However, treasuries don’t fill themselves and fundraising is a vital part of a successful and competitive spirit week.

Junior class president Scott Jeffrey has held his position for three years.

“The hardest part about throwing together any fundraiser is getting it started,” Jeffrey said. “We have to incorporate every detail when thinking about when, how, where and what to fundraise.”

Some of the classes also put on a traditional fundraiser each year.
“For example, the sophomores plan a Dodgeball tournament sometime in the spring, while the Juniors always run a Trivia Night,” Jeffrey said. “These are extremely popular fundraisers, while also being extremely effective for the class.”

Aside from the annual events, the usual fundraisers include car washes and movie nights.

During his sophomore year, Jeffrey’s grade decided to run a root beer float stand in the Commons when they had the 1950s theme.

“The McAfees were kind enough to donate a bunch of root beer and ice cream to our class,” Jeffrey said. “So each lunch period we had about 4 or 5 kids in steak n’ shake hats selling root beer floats in a “vintage diner”. It was a terrific idea for raising money and it worked out even better than expected. We’ve already started thinking about doing something similar this year with our X-men theme in the Commons. Maybe ‘Iceman snow-cones’? I think we already ruled out putting milk, chocolate and molten lava in cups as “Magma’s Hot Chocolate.”

Class sponsors are also very helpful in helping the officers manage the fundraisers and other events.
“It definitely helps that our sponsors are extremely helpful when it comes to buying, ordering, and decorating,” Jeffrey said. “Each sponsor does so much and it really makes me incredibly appreciative of all the work that not only the sponsors do, but the Student Activities Director as well. This isn’t easy work; however, it’s something that most students would take for granted.”

Jeffrey advises both underclassmen grades to fundraise for the Junior-Senior Prom at the end of junior year.
“Even though it feels like it’s so far away, it’s so much easier trying to raise all the money over three years than it is over two, so don’t forget that,” Jeffrey said “And to people not responsible for raising the funds, help out! Buy a class T-shirt, participate in Trivia Night, help decorate the float or the Commons or just suggest new ideas to your StuGo members. Any help is always appreciated, and usually is a lot of fun, no matter the activity.”