The student news site of Clayton High School.

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The student news site of Clayton High School.

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The student news site of Clayton High School.

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Chicken from BB.Q

BB.Q Chicken

Rachel Chung, Review Section Editor November 12, 2020

The BB.Q Chicken chain, despite the name, serves Korean fried chicken. Short for “Best of the Best Quality”, BB.Q recently landed a spot in O’Fallon, Illinois. Korean fried chicken has found a boom...

Guss World Famous Fried Chicken Review

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken Review

Harry Rubin, Copy Editor January 19, 2016

By Harry Rubin, World Famous Copy Editor The first thing that a first-time Gus’s customer should expect is waiting. Lots of waiting. Anyone who has driven down Manchester between Big Bend and McCausland...

Chickens bring unique fulfillment to Clayton family

Dawn Androphy November 26, 2009

The sound of chickens clucking may not be one normally associated with a suburb like Clayton. Some Clayton residents have transformed their backyards into a home for chickens akin to what might be expected...

Image by Isabelle Cross

Pandemic Pets

Victoria Fan, Reporter March 15, 2022

Holland Lop Rabbit Driving several hours to a rabbitry in Kentucky, the Cross family welcomed Pimi, a holland lop rabbit, into their home. This little lad has a notable pair of ears, drooping down on...

The main course of the menu: macaroni and cheese with a side of steamed carrots. The steamed carrots were obviously from cans.

A Suggestion for School Lunches

Caleb Park and Stella Bishop December 14, 2021

Here at CHS, students could be seen pouring out into the Commons for lunch nearly every day. Three choices beset each student for lunch: to prepare lunch at home before bringing and eating it, to leave...

Art by Ella Cuneo

Halloween During Covid

Emma Baum and Daphne Kraushaar October 30, 2020

“Why did the chicken cross the road?” “Because the chicken behind him didn’t know how to social distance.” Jokes like these are the kind we’re expecting this Halloween. Although we know...

Picture of a hamburger and potato wedges, found in the CHS Cafeteria.

CHS Cafeteria Food

Ana Mitreva, Managing Editor February 19, 2020

Giving students good lunch food may seem impossible with all the stereotypes portrayed on tv and in movies, but how does Clayton’s cafeteria compare? I have eaten cafeteria food every day during my time...

love, the Globe

love, the Globe

Tiancheng Fan, Reporter January 8, 2020

“May we live long and share the beauty of the moon together, even if we are hundreds of miles apart.” On a Mid-autumn festival thousands of years ago, the Chinese poet Su Shi wrote this verse that...

A picture of Pide, a turkish  wood fired flatbread

The Balkan Treat Box

Kaia Mills-Lee, Senior Managing Editor May 28, 2019

Located in downtown Webster Groves, the Balkan Treat Box attracts people of all ages. Unlike most popular restaurants, the Balkan Treat Box began as a food truck in 2017 by husband-and-wife, Loryn and...

Best of STL: Tacos

Best of STL: Tacos

  Mission Taco: With a wide variety of tacos on the menu covering every kind of meat―anything from duck to shrimp to the classic carne asada―Mission Taco filled all of our cravings....

Located in Midtown, Vicias storefront has an upscale, rustic atmosphere.


Sahithya Gokajaru February 28, 2019

A clean, vegetable-forward restaurant in Midtown by the name of Vicia is a family-owned establishment. Michael and Tara Gallina have channeled their skills and ideas into opening the highly anticipated...

Thai Tables chicken pad thai had a notable aroma and chewy noodles.

Thai Table

Danny Choo-Kang, Opinion Section Editor February 15, 2019

Thai Table, a restaurant that opened in Maplewood three months ago, boasts being “no ordinary Thai restaurant,” so I was excited to give it a try.   The restaurant is well-lit and has tall ceilings...

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