The student news site of Clayton High School.

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The student news site of Clayton High School.

The Globe

The student news site of Clayton High School.

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CON: Biden’s Student Debt Relief

Sidra Major, Reporter September 22, 2022

At first glance, Biden's executive order to cancel billions of dollars in student debt seems like a dream come true. With almost 50 million Americans who struggle with student loans, it makes total sense...

PRO: Biden’s Student Debt Relief

Ezri Perrin, Reporter September 22, 2022

Student debt, and whether it should be forgiven, has been a hot topic in the news recently. President Biden, to his credit, has issued an executive order relieving up to $20k of debt for those making under...

the Good News

the Good News

Elias Kilbridge, Reporter September 22, 2022

At 11:30 on September 11, teenager Darryl Ross was shot and killed by police. Boom. One sentence and you’re hooked. Part of being a human being is wanting to know more, and as a result, people are naturally...

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Learn and Forget: Remember What You Learn

Victoria Fan, Page Editor May 23, 2022

Not that I do not want to moonwalk with Einstein, the reason that I picked up the book Moonwalking with Einstein was the subtitle: “The Art and Science of Remembering Everything.” In the next few weeks,...

Signs outside the entrances alert students of masking policies.

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Personal Choice or Political Statement?

Avie Mallon, Reporter May 20, 2022

On the morning of April 4th students walked into school nervously, masks stuffed in their back pockets.  As CHS makes the transition to mask-optional, students and teachers alike were relieved to see...

Permanent daylight savings

Permanent daylight savings

Caitlin Kuhlmann, Reporter May 9, 2022
“I am in my little Midwestern mouse hole, I hate having to deal with the week and a half of being tired after daylight savings, maybe there's something a little more to it,” said Meyers.
The new headquarters of the New York Times in New York City. Over the past two decades, the New York Times has grown rapidly in the news industry.

The New York Colossus

Caleb Park, Reporter April 25, 2022

According to an analysis by the Columbia Journalism Review, The New York Times has more digital subscribers than The Dallas Morning News — in Dallas. The New York Times also has more digital subscribers...

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Stereotype Threat: A Psychological Situation

Zoe Daniels-Sankey, Reporter April 7, 2022

While driving in downtown St. Louis, my dad and I were pulled over by law enforcement. We were dropping off mail and waited at a stop light to make a left hand turn. We make the turn and then immediately...

Millennials and the Age Gap

Millennials and the Age Gap

Sidra Major, Reporter April 6, 2022

Millennials trail furthest behind in terms of having spouses and children. The desire to marry early and start a big family is on the decline, which projects grave consequences for future generations. "That's...

Masked CHS students sit outside in the quad.

A Social Paradox

JiaLi Deck, Managing Editor April 5, 2022

I’ve been looking forward to this since the first day I had to wear a mask. I missed sitting in the quad breathing in the fresh morning air. I missed watching people sing. I missed snacking on a granola...

Clayton’s New COVID Policies

Victoria Fan, Reporter March 31, 2022

Beginning Monday, April 4, 2022, the Clayton School District will lift its mask mandate and enact the mask-recommended policy. Masking, particularly in schools, remains an issue of much confusion due...

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The student news site of Clayton High School.