The Globe

The Globe examines the danger of ignoring our current climate crisis. Art by Ella Cuneo.

In Danger

Shane LaGesse, News Section Editor January 25, 2021

Global temperature rise, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, glacial retreat, sea level rise, ocean acidification— a few minutes on NASA’s climate change evidence page is enough to leave one more...

The State of Politics

The State of Politics

The Globe examines the internal and external workings of current and future American politics

A police car on a road, photo taken from an upwards angle.

American Policing

The role of police in America is becoming increasingly ambiguous. The Globe takes a look at the past, present and future of policing.

Four new teachers spanning across different departments join Clayton High School

Fresh Faces to CHS

Sofia Erlin, Yiyun Xu, Kaitlyn Tran, and Noor Jerath October 14, 2020

While we have been in school for a while now, there are some new teachers at Clayton High School. Because of online learning, you may have not gotten the chance to meet them. Meet the new teachers at Clayton!

Covid-19 In St Louis

Covid-19 In St Louis

May 22, 2020

COVID-19 is a wide spread disease dominating much of the U.S. right now. While some nations across the world are seeing a decrease in COVID-19, cases are steadily on the rise in the U.S. Missouri is following...

What does it mean to be gifted, and what makes someone gifted?

What does it mean to be gifted?

BACKGROUND Although gifted services in the Clayton School District have seen numerous variations over the past 10 years, 2017 marked a new phase in the program. 70 percent of all identified gifted students...

How do you learn to love your body, when that means losing your sense of control?


intro. Your phone dings. It’s a text from your friend. “Want to go get food with me?” it reads. Your heart drops. You think back to earlier that day, to the donut you couldn’t stop yourself from...



USERS Vaping. The popular trend, the dangerous epidemic, the social drug of the 21st century. The topic of dinner table talk. While teen cigarette use is at an all-time low, vaping has taken its place...

An Epidemic: Gun Violence in St. Louis

An Epidemic: Gun Violence in St. Louis

Introduction On the night of Dec. 14, 2012, when parents should have been out shopping for the holidays and grabbing the week’s groceries, they instead found themselves gathered at the local firehouse,...

HB 126

HB 126

December 10, 2019

In recent months, many states across the United States have introduced new policies regarding access to legal abortion. In light of Missouri HB 126, which would criminalize abortion if a fetus heartbeat...

Clayton's Fresh Faculty

Clayton’s Fresh Faculty

September 9, 2019

The Globe welcomes the new faculty at Clayton High School with a story about their teaching career, plans for the future, and more! Click on a teacher's profile below to learn more.

it doesn’t have to end.

it doesn’t have to end.

it doesn’t have to end.Michael Melinger, Grace Snelling, Lila Taylor, Sara StemmlerIt’s 7:45 a.m on a warm August morning. Several students peek out of the smudged windows of a school bus as they approach...

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