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The student news site of Clayton High School.

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The student news site of Clayton High School.

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A loved coach and friend Wally Lundt passed this week.  He will be remembered by many.

Wally Lundt

Caleb Park and Isaac Millians May 27, 2022

Wally Lundt (1927-2011) coached the CHS water polo and swimming teams for 35 years as part of his 60 year long career. Coach Lundt also served on the P.E. board, occasionally working as a teacher. His...

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Learn and Forget: Remember What You Learn

Victoria Fan, Page Editor May 23, 2022

Not that I do not want to moonwalk with Einstein, the reason that I picked up the book Moonwalking with Einstein was the subtitle: “The Art and Science of Remembering Everything.” In the next few weeks,...

The Wydown Middle School and Clayton High School chess teams broke records at their recent tournaments at the Iconic Center for Global Citizenship on the campus of Saint Louis University! This was the first time both teams had competed in person since February of 2020. - School District of Clayton Facebook

Record Breaking Chess

Ana Mitreva and Isabella Bamnolker May 21, 2022

On March 5, the Clayton High School and Wydown Middle School chess teams won the tournament at the Iconic Center for Global Citizenship on the campus of Saint Louis University.  Taking home trophies for...

Powerful Paige

Powerful Paige

Ruby Nadin, Copy Editor May 20, 2022

It was a gray, rainy afternoon on April 20th when Paige Rawitscher’s shot hit the back of the lacrosse net for the 200th time in her high school lacrosse career.  “It was a little surreal. It wasn’t...

Mary Modzelewski

Mary Modzelewski

Kaia Mills-Lee and Kate Freedman May 20, 2022

After 11 years of assisting CHS seniors in their transition out of high school, Mary Modzelewski (aka Modz) is preparing to make her own transition to retirement. Prior to coming to Clayton, Modz worked...

Marci Pieper

Marci Pieper

Isabella Bamnolker, Page Editor May 20, 2022

“I’m probably the only teacher who has been hired three times and retired two times at Clayton,” said Pieper.  Pieper was involved in journalism from an early age. Starting in high school, she...

Julie Geissler

Julie Geissler

Kirby Miller and Charlie Miller May 19, 2022

Julie Geissler spent 18 years at Clayton as the Speech-Language pathologist.  She worked three different jobs before deciding to go to graduate school after earning her bachelor’s degree in psychology,...

February 2013: Los Angeles - CBP officers seized 1,500 high-fashion leather handbags bearing counterfeit “Hermès” listed trademark. If genuine, the seized handbags had an estimated manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $14,100,000.

The Rise of Counterfeit Goods

Ivy Slen, Reporter May 11, 2022

It's hard to walk down the street of any major city, scroll through TikTok, or pin on Pinterest without noticing the presence of designer logomania bags. Once you spot that “it” girl or celebrity...

Alix Henry

Alix Henry

Micah Lotsoff and Moriah Lotsoff May 11, 2022

“I think the crazy architecture of the Ralph M. Captain elementary school and the open classrooms made me understand architecture earlier in my life than had I been in a normal building,” said Clayton...

Wilder May as Percy Jackson (Left), Willa Stine as Annabeth Chase (Center) and Tanner Sharon as Grover Underwood (Right).

Clayton High School’s Student Run Musical: The Lightning Thief

Lily Kleinhenz, Photo Editor April 29, 2022

Clayton High School's theatre students put on their annual Student Run Musical. Premiering on April 21st 2022, and running through April 23d, all four shows sold out. The Musical: The Lightning Thief,...

New school board member Christine Win.

Christine Win

Sofia Mutis, Page Editor April 25, 2022

Christine Win, a newly elected Clayton School District Board Member, has a passion for mental health education and advocacy. “When I was an undergrad at WashU, there was still a lot of stigma around...

Photo wall at the City Foundry

Finding the Foundry

Charlie Meyers, Reporter April 21, 2022

The first steps leading into the City Foundry are filled with excitement and anticipation. As the delicious smells of the more than 18 local restaurants in the Food Hall fill your nose, the numerous tables...

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