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Common painkillers can become  a gateway to opioid addiction.


November 4, 2018

Photo of CHS Journalism Teacher Erin Sucher-O’Grady (Center) and her wife, 
Dr. Lauren Sucher-O’Grady, (Left) and children, Paul Castellano (Center) 
and Tommy Castellano (Right).

I Am

September 22, 2018

Me Too.

Me Too.

April 2, 2018

Jeff Smith, Executive Vice President of Concordance Academy of Leadership and former prisoner.

Pipeline to Prison

January 10, 2018



December 10, 2017

Neglected Memories

Neglected Memories

October 29, 2017

Photo from the Galleria protests.

Black Lives Matter

October 19, 2017

Photo by Michael Melinger.

Syria to St. Louis

September 25, 2017

The student news site of Clayton High School.
Social Justice Reporting