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Dheera Rathikindi writing on a chalk board at the St. Louis Selfie Room.

The Selfie Room

Moriah Lotsoff and Dheera Rathikindi October 30, 2019

Two ball pits, lines of metallic balloons hanging from the ceiling, walls made of grass and books, huge cardboard lemons, and a giant black spider. In short, The Selfie Room is the perfect place to take...

Dora and the Lost City of Gold Review

Dora and the Lost City of Gold Review

Moriah Lotsoff and Alexandra Hagemeister October 28, 2019

In an age of reboots and remakes of childhood shows and movies, “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” surprised teens and engaged children in a fun but a confusing hour and forty two minute movie. “Dora...

Cookies, macarons and muffins glisten in the light within the bakery display case at Colleen's.

Coffee Near Clayton

Two reporters visited a few coffee shops near CHS to find out what the most realistic options are for students.
Abby Hoelscher and Ananya Shah October 14, 2019

Sick of Starbucks? Looking for a way to give back to the community, rather than just helping to profit a corporate company when spending buying your daily dose of caffeine to get you through class? Luckily,...

Picture of Coconut Chocolate Fudge from Akar's Dessert Menu

Akar- Asian fusion with a twist of ingenuity.

Isabell Bamnolker and Yiyun Xu October 10, 2019

One does not often expect noodles served with peanut sauce and salad, offered in an Asian restaurant. As we settled down in the new fusion restaurant, Akar, nor did we. Akar is located on Wydown in Clayton....

Front of Global Foods Market in Kirkwood, St. Louis on Saturday, September 14.

International Grocery Stores in St. Louis

Reporter Ruby Nadin explores Global Foods Markets, an international grocery hub located in the St. Louis area.
Ruby Nadin September 15, 2019

The smell of spices and chocolate fills your nose as you walk in. Flags from different countries cover the walls and hang from the ceiling and racks of chips and chocolate are stacked by the cash register. ...

Claire Saffitz at her work bench in the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen in New York City.

Clayton Graduate Claire Saffitz talks High School, Harvard, Gourmet Treats and more

Michael Melinger, Chief Multimedia Editor September 11, 2019

From the sidewalks of University City to the subway stops of the Upper West Side, at least one thing has remained constant for Claire Saffitz: her love of food. Whether it’s takeout from Amighettit's...

Somying Fox: Basil Spice and My Thai

Reporter Ana Mitreva features the St. Louis experience of Somying Fox, a Thai chef with restaurants in the Central West End area.
Ana Mitreva, Page Editor July 16, 2019

  After settling down in St. Louis because Hurricane Katrina hit their home in New Orleans, Somying Fox started opening Thai restaurants in St. Louis. Mrs. Fox grew up in Thailand, where she...

A picture of Pide, a turkish  wood fired flatbread

The Balkan Treat Box

New restaurant in webster groves has become very popular upon opening
Kaia Mills-Lee, Sports Section Editor May 28, 2019

Located in downtown Webster Groves, the Balkan Treat Box attracts people of all ages. Unlike most popular restaurants, the Balkan Treat Box began as a food truck in 2017 by husband-and-wife, Loryn and...

Captain Marvel Movie Poster from Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel

Lise Derksen, Josephine Cross, and Sarah Baker May 13, 2019

Captain Marvel, brought to the big screen on March 8th, is Marvel Studios’ first female-led superhero film. The film centers around female empowerment and the main character is very strong and brave....

Moriah and Dheera offerf their perspective on a vegan cafe spot opened in early 2017.

New Day Gluten Free Cafe

Moriah Lotsoff and Dheera Rathikindi May 11, 2019

New Day Gluten Free Cafe is located on Clayton Road and is a great place to hang out, eat, and do homework. Its green and white exterior is very inviting and unique to the area and spaces around it. Walking...

Best of STL: Tacos

Best of STL: Tacos

  Mission Taco: With a wide variety of tacos on the menu covering every kind of meat―anything from duck to shrimp to the classic carne asada―Mission Taco filled all of our cravings....

We ordered the salmon bahn mi sandwich from Hi-Pointe Drive-In.

Hi-Pointe Drive-In

Are the Hi Pointe Drive In burgers as good as they say they are?
Moriah Lotsoff and Maya Richter March 21, 2019

Hi-Pointe Drive-In is located south of Clayton road in Richmond Heights and features a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and sweets. One of the sides of its exterior is a freight train painted orange...

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