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Justin Guilak
Justin Guilak is a junior at CHS this year. He joined Globe his sophomore year after realizing how much fun he could have after hearing about it from some of his friends. He also hoped to work on his writing skills. After one year of reporting, he has taken on the role of News Section Editor. Justin enjoys writing news stories the most, but is also interested in reviews and other areas when the topic is interesting.  In school, Justin likes engineering classes the most, but enjoys math, science and history as well. He joined the robotics team in 9th grade, where he has had fun building and programming a robot to compete. This year he will play a leadership role on the robotics team. An athlete, Justin runs varsity cross country and track year round, and many of his friends are on the team with him. He used to play Ultimate Frisbee, but stopped recently when he moved to Clayton from North Carolina. His family came to St. Louis after his parents both accepted jobs at Washington University. His older sister also goes to Wash U and visits home occasionally, but Justin lives mostly with just his parents.

Justin Guilak, Chief Digital Editor

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