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Michael Melinger
Michael Melinger is a Junior at Clayton High School.  This is his third year on the Globe.  He currently serves as the Chief Photo Editor for the Globe.  This is his second year overseeing all the photos that go into the paper and online.  Melinger works with a staff of about thirty photojournalists to make sure everything is covered. He found his love for photography over two years ago while taking a class at Wydown.  Melinger soon found his niche in covering sports events.  He has covered multiple professional teams including the Los Angeles Clippers, St. Louis Blues and Dallas Mavericks.  He hopes to continue this and travel to several D1 schools and other professional teams in the near future.  Melinger has also spent time covering politics including working with the White House press corps.  Since joining, Melinger has continued to develop his love for photography and covering current events.   Outside of being a photographer, Melinger has served as class president and on Student Government along with being a supervising producer on GNN, Clayton High School's video publication.

Michael Melinger, Chief Photo Editor

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