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While we maintain a strong online presence through the website, our publication is defined by our outstanding print newsmagazine. Each school year we produce a new volume of our magazine, which includes 7 x 48-page issues and 1 x 24-page issue. Our publication is printed on high-quality glossy paper and features colorful, creative and award-winning page designs for stories that have been nationally recognized for writing and journalistic approach.

Subscribing to the Globe’s print magazine is not only an exciting way to learn about the Clayton and St. Louis community way from a close-up perspective, but is also the best way to recognize the hours of work the editorial staff has dedicated to bring together each print issue. As an entirely student-run publication, the Globe is responsible for raising all necessary funds independent of the School District of Clayton. Ordering a print subscription supports the Globe financially, and any money you provide can be directed towards reducing the fundraising requirement of a staff member you know.

If you are interested in receiving our print magazine, a single subscription for one full volume of the Globe is $40, you can fill out the google form here. Or consider sponsoring the publication or purchasing an advertisement.

If you have further questions, contact [email protected] 

The Globe and its members work hard each year to raise enough to produce 8 issues each year. Each issue costs around $2000, however, with the quarantine in place, we aren’t able to sell advertisements and subscriptions for the coming year. Every little bit helps to maintain our magazine!

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