The Greyhound Guide

Welcome home.

Construction workers
Construction workers finish the landscaping of the Quad. The new addition includes state-of-the-art science labs, new world language classrooms, a broadcast studio, and a cooking classroom. (Paul Lisker)

Some may call us crazy, but we’re actually excited to be coming back to school this year. There was no need to slap the snooze button this morning as we jumped out of bed, ready to head off to the high school. Indeed, we’re all eager to reunite with our long missed Greyhound family, but for the most part, we cannot wait to see the final product of over two years of construction at CHS.

Prepare yourself to be amazed.

You may not recognize it, but you’re actually walking through the halls of CHS. It’s a remarkable transformation, but to call it a facelift is an understatement.

Over two years ago, the old Cottage and Tech building were demolished after Clayton voters approved Proposition S by a mere two votes. The purpose of this $51 million bond issue for the School District of Clayton was mainly to provide state-of-the-art science facilities at the three elementary schools and CHS. Approximately $31 million were allocated to CHS to construct a new three-story wing to the existing building in the place of the Cottage and Tech building and completely renovate the entire science floor.

Since then, we’ve had our quad cut in half as the metal skeleton of the new wing slowly rose from the grave of the beloved Cottage, which used to be the cramped home of journalism, yearbook, broadcast, and cooking. At times, we had to endure the noise of the construction, and every morning we struggled to find a parking spot. Yet, in the end it all paid off.

As if magic, over the summer the old part of the academic wing has turned into a seemingly new building. The once strikingly new corridors of the new building blend in with the former academic wing. The simple design elements of lighting and floor tiles flow throughout the hallways. In addition, as if our wish came true, all the bathrooms in the academic wing were also renovated over the summer.

At the heart of the new and renovated academic wing, however, are the classrooms, which are sure to blow you away. With all new lighting and carpeting, they are brighter and more comfortable. Then, the science labs are not only state-of-the-art and spacious, but also beautiful in offering excellent views of Shaw Park or the Clayton skyline.

So, we encourage you to explore and wander around. Discover your new area to relax and study with friends during your free period whether it is in the library or one of the common areas in the new wing.

In the end, we hope this guide helps you acclimate to the new and renovated high school campus. Whether you’re a freshman or senior, you’ll need the following maps to learn the layout of the academic wing to locate teachers, classrooms, or department offices. Once you know the layout, this guide can help you learn how to get involved at CHS and find your niche in the high school community. Then, we’ll give a brief run-down of the administration and, finally, we hope to leave you with a little Greyhound spirit to get you ready for another great school year.

1. Learn the facts

See what each of the departments got out of the construction and renovations

2. Know the layout

Bottom Floor of the Academic Wing

Middle Floor of Academic Wing

Top Floor of the Academic Wing


3. Get involved

With over 50 clubs and student organizations at CHS, you can definitely find your niche and get involved.  Determine your interests, explore the array of clubs, and contact the sponsor to get more information.

4. Meet the administration

Say hello to the CHS administrative team.

5. Be a Greyhound

To be a Greyhound… What is it that defines the spirit of a school? Is it the school building? The administration, or the students? Or perhaps something abstract, an indefinable passion that unites all in the quest for learning, progress, and an endless effort to improve? No; it’s the magical convergence of each of the elements, amalgamating each defining feature of the school to create what we proudly call the Greyhound Spirit.

As the school year begins, we take our first steps into a new and renovated building; the memory of the recently graduated seniors is still fresh in our minds as we welcome the freshman class to the next episode in their lives. As society changes and generations pass, the meaning of being a Greyhound evolves, but the honor of being one is perennial. The Greyhound Spirit is and will always be to excel in academics, to be indefatigable in athletics, to pursue worldly extracurriculars, and to persevere in the face of adversity.