The Student News Site of Clayton High School.

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The Student News Site of Clayton High School.

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The Student News Site of Clayton High School.

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Kelley Weber sits on a couch in her cozy office down the hall from the black box and the theater.

Curtains Close on a 25-Year Career

Dwight Erdman, Reporter May 24, 2024

  At 17, Kelley Weber began volunteering at schools in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, teaching theater and helping students tell their stories. She has been teaching in one form or another since, eventually finding...

Schulz and her daughter gather signatures on a beautiful day outside their house. They collected about 100 signatures. Photo courtesy of Schulz.

The Frontlines of Advocating for Reproductive Rights

Mira Stahlheber, Page Editor May 21, 2024

Behind every battle women face for their reproductive rights, there is a team of people fighting for and with them. An often overlooked role in this fight for abortion rights is petition workers. The main...

Catalyst members spend their Catalyst hour volunteering at charities as a part of their curriculum.

Catalyst: Business Brilliance

Charlie Meyers, Senior Managing Editor May 14, 2024

Special Education teacher Mr. Kuehn waves to students in the hall. Its easier to connect with students when you have the personal relationship with them, Kuehn said. If you just talk to them about work and homework and schoolwork, thats not very fun.

Uncovering Passion

Adam Watson, Reporter May 7, 2024

Starting as a pilot, Special Education teacher and volleyball coach Adrian Kuehn dropped his career to take a new route. “I always thought I'd be a PE teacher. But, I first went to college to be a...

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Ignite Your Pen

Norah Gross, Reporter May 3, 2024

Sally Silvers reflects on time as a reporter for Clamo in the 60s, emphasizing family influence, community respect and the unique challenges and rewards of traditional newspaper production.

From Pencil to Press

Madeline Jeans, Page Editor April 11, 2024

As alumnus Sally Silvers flipped through her issues of the Clamo, she reminisced about her time on the newspaper staff.  “I like[d] to write, so it just seemed to be a natural thing. Plus, I...

A Snoopy illustration stands on the globe statue at CHS entrance.


Rachel Chung, Feature Section Editor April 10, 2024

He is sitting on the shelves of your local CVS and strutting past your Instagram Reels in a blue puffer coat. He is traveling to space and thinking another witty remark about life. He is the moment. While...

Delmar Divine located on Delmar Boulevard across from rows of old apartment buildings.

Shared Spaces, Shared Vision

Madeline Jeans, Page Editor April 8, 2024

“Once you cross Delmar — I don’t know, it’s a different world,” Jeanette Jones, a St. Louis mail carrier said in an interview with The Washington Post.  As many St. Louis residents know,...

Elementary art contest entry information.

Memories Illustrated

Norah Gross, Reporter March 5, 2024

After scrolling through the 16 images in the gallery, please write down the name of your favorite artwork in the comments section for a chance to be featured in the Globe. Remember to cast your vote before...

An illustration of registering to vote and casting a ballot, done in a simplistic digital style.

Ballot Brawl

Ezri Perrin, Reporter March 1, 2024

The media has published many think-pieces on the nature of Generation Z, ruminating on everything from their social media usage to their mental health. But what are their opinions on voting? A sizable...

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