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CHS Globe Online is a production of the journalism staffs of Clayton High School, located at 1 Mark Twain Cir. in St. Louis, MO, 63105. It is designed, written and maintained by students and all content decisions are made by students. For more information, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or contact us using the form below in the “Contact Us” section.

The Globe Newsmagazine is affiliated with the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, National Scholastic Press Association, Missouri Journalism Education Association, Missouri Interscholastic Press Association and Sponsors of Schools Publications.

2018-2019 Staff


Erin Castellano, Advisor

Jacob LaGesse, Editor-in-Chief
Michael Bernard, Editor-in-Chief
Justin Guilak, Chief Digital Editor
Michael Melinger, Chief Photo Editor
Sean Kim, Chief Video Editor

Lila Taylor, Senior Managing Editor (Teaching)
Grace Snelling, Senior Managing Editor (Teaching)
Richard Cheng, Senior Managing Editor (Design)

David Higuchi, News Section Editor
Sara Stemmler, Feature Section Editor
Daniel Cohen, Sports Section Editor
Hongkai Jiang, Review Section Editor
Ashley Chung, Opinion Section Editor

Anna Sturmoski, Copy Editor

Victor Wei, Distribution Editor

Page Editors:

Sarah Baker
Josephine Cross
Lise Derksen
Zachary Fisher
Katie He
Noor Jerath
Jimmy Malone
Neema Naemi
William Redington
Katie Snelling
Junyi Su
Sophie Thompson
Bridget Walsh


Natalie Ashrafzadeh
Luka Bassnett
Kaitlin Bates
Disha Chatterjee
Danielle Choo-Kang
Cece Cohen
Ella Cuneo
Sofia Erlin
Kate Freedman
Belle Gage
Sahithya Gokaraju
Molly Green
Mhari Harris
Tallulah Hawley
Maxwell Keller
Sasha Keller
Moriah Lotsoff
Gabriela Madriz
Andrew Melinger
Kaia Mills-Lee
Siddhi Narayan
Ruth Pierson
Reese Quinn
Dheera Rathikindi
Helena Reuter
Maya Richter
Ingrid Stahl
Josefina Stone
Abigail Sucher
Jackson Swinigan
Louis Van’t Hof
Jessie Wang
Summer Williams
Angela Xiao
Yiyun Xu


Isabella Clark
Gwen Duplain
Catherine Holtzman
Xuenan Jin
Lucia Johnson
Areeba Khan
Cicely Krutzsch
Julian Lawless
Kathleen Lay
Whitney Le
Rachel Markenson
Caroline Marsden
Mallory Palmer
Deborah Park
Maya Richter
Elia Rios
Annika Sandquist
Madalyn Schroeder
Emma Siegel
Anna Walsh
Lauren Wolff

National Awards 

Globe Newsmagazine:

Pacemaker Award Finalist, 2018
Pacemaker Award, 2016
Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Crown Award, 2016
Pacemaker Award, 2015
Pacemaker Award, 2014
Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Crown Award, 2013
Gold Crown Award, 2012
Pacemaker Award, 2012
Pacemaker Award, 2011
Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Crown Award, 2006
Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Crown Award, 2003
Pacemaker Award, 2003
Pacemaker Award Finalist, 1997
Pacemaker Award Finalist, 1994

Globe Online:

Pacemaker Award, 2018
First Place, Gold Circle Award, 2014
Gold Medal Award, 2013
Pacemaker Finalist, 2013
Pacemaker Award, 2012


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Statement of Purpose:
The Globe is a student newspaper produced monthly by Clayton High School journalism students. The goals
of the publication are to inform and entertain the student body, interpret news and provide a public forum for
the exchange of ideas and opinions of students and faculty at CHS. In addition, this publication serves as a
laboratory for students interested in learning sound journalistic techniques.

The Globe upholds the right of high school journalists to the free expression guaranteed under the First
Amendment. However, in accordance with district policy (see appendix), the Globe shall contain no material
a. is actually disruptive to the maintenance of an orderly educational environment;
b. is defamatory, demeaning or injurious to the reputation and/or name of an individual, class of individuals
or entity ;-
c. advertises any service, product or activity that is not permitted to minors under law;
d. violates copyright provisions.



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Comments are welcome as a means of sharing experiences, suggesting improvements, responding to polls/questions or engaging in the conversation. Comments will be reviewed by a member for the editorial staff prior to being posted publicly. To ensure that exchanges are informative, respectful and lawful, we will NOT post comments that are:

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