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2017- 2018 Staff Information: 


Erin Castellano


Noah Brown
Mitali Sharma

Chief Digital Editor

Lauren Praiss

Senior Managing Editors

Charlie Brennan – Teaching
Madeline Bale – Mentoring/Editing
Michael Bernard – Mentoring/Editing
Jacob LaGesse – Design

Chief Photo Editor

Michael Melinger

Chief Video Editor

Sean Kim

Section Editors

Justin Guilak – News
Lila Taylor – Feature
Daniel Cho – Sports
Olivia Joseph – Opinion
Richard Cheng – Review

Copy Editor

Neel Vallurupalli

Page Editors

Sam Zeid
Catherine Walsh
Nikki Seraji
Grace Snelling
Katie Snelling
Daniel Cohen
Sarah Baker
Sara Stemmler
Katie He
Sophie Bernstein
Lise Dersken
Gracie Morris
Theo Fehr
Mariclare Gatter


Ashley Chung
Cindy Combs
Josephine Cross
Camille Curtis
Sam Fehr
Leo Gavitt
Jane Kalina
Cody Krutzsch
Peng Liu
James Malone
Neema Naemi
William Redington
Leo Thomas
Sophia Thompson
Sam Youkilis
Hongkai Jiang
San Kwon
Keilan Morrisey
Laura Parvulescu
Philip Stahl
Junyi Su
Victor Wei


Kate Lay
Izzy Clark
Annika Sandquist
Bea McGuire
Sophia Ryan
Madison Rudd
Michael Melinger
Gwen Duplain
Emma Siegel
Carson Holtzman
Alex Hardie
Erin Brown
Katherine Owings
Kathryn Cooper
Synthia Baer
Saniya Sah
Paige Holmes
Mia Redington
Madison Gudmestad
Barrett Bentzinger
Ella Engel
Zach Coble
Elizabeth Cordova
Caroline Marsden
Mallory Palmer
Xuenan Jin
Alexandria Darmody


National Awards: 

Globe Newsmagazine

2018, Online Pacemaker Award

2016, Pacemaker Award

2016, Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Crown Award

2015, Pacemaker Award

2014, Pacemaker Award

2013, Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Crown Award

2012, Gold Crown Award

2012, Pacemaker Award

2011, Pacemaker Award

2006, Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Crown Award

2003, Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Crown Award

2003, Pacemaker Award

1997, Pacemaker Award Finalist

1994, Pacemaker Award Finalist

Globe Online

2014, First Place, Gold Circle Award

2013, Gold Medal Award

2013, Pacemaker Finalist

2012, Pacemaker Award



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