Original Pancake House

When eight hungry swimmers, including myself, walked into the Original Pancake House, I did not know how we would be treated. Some waiters and waitresses are less than welcoming to large groups, especially teenage boys.

At the Original Pancake House, this was not the case. Our waitress was polite and funny, welcoming us with two pitchers of ice cold water. The welcoming people at the restaurant immediately gave me a sense that we were in good hands.

When asked what I wanted to order, I faced a dilemma. The crispy bacon and hashbrowns sounded fabulous, and there were many brilliant pancake options. Ultimately, though, I decided to order the apple pancake.

If you think that the Roman Coliseum is big, wait until you saw the size of this pancake. The thickness was wonderful, and the moisture of the pancake put a nice texture with the delicious taste.

The apples that topped the pancake were warm and tasty, and cinnamon gave a nice touch to their flavors.

All in all it was extremely tasty meal, but one that was too huge to finish. Luckily, my waitress brought me a to-go box without my needing to ask, even adding a cup of whipped cream that was not part of my order.

Though it was a tad pricey, my experience at the Original Pancake House was delightful. If you have an hour to spare and are hungry, I would highly recommend giving it a visit.

Photo by Arya Yadama.
Photo by Arya Yadama.