Salt + Smoke

Restaurant Review


Emma Ebeling, Writer


Salt + Smoke, a fairly new restaurant in the Delmar Loop, sold me on the looks but not the food.

The delicious scent of smoked meat had me hooked even before I stepped inside. From its outdoor seating under bright yellow awnings to its Texas decor inside, the Salt + Smoke’s lovely atmosphere made it a pleasure to dine at this restaurant. I was thrilled to see the waitstaff dressed in plaid like cowboys! It really added a fun feel as we made our way to our table.

The main course menu includes the signature brisket, pulled pork, and several other smoked meats. I was very excited to eat when the food arrived after an appropriate wait time between appetizer and main course. It was beautifully displayed on the plate and looked delicious. I wish I could say that it was. When I bit into my pulled pork sandwich, I was overwhelmed by the saltiness of it. It really was horribly overwhelming even when I added some of their “My Sweet Bestie” sauce. The garlic and herb fries I ordered as my side were nicely seasoned but were dry and tasted old. Another disappointment. My whole family agreed with me.

The appetizer I ordered was quite good compared to the main course. The toasted ravioli was crunchy on the outside with somewhat sweet burnt end brisket on the inside. It introduced me to a different texture of ravioli. Crispy rather than somewhat soft, leaving you crunching and chewing through them.

I tried my mom’s brisket with the “My Sweet Bestie” sauce and it was amazing compared to my meal. I also ordered the chocolate pie and that was beyond words. So rich and creamy, almost like Nutella, and it included homemade thin whipped cream. That was fantastic. I had hoped I could have said that about the pulled pork.

Owner Tom Schmidt opened Salt + Smoke this summer. Judging from the number of people at the restaurant on a sunny Sunday afternoon, it looks like this venture is a success. Check out their trendy website with menus and photos at