Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb


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Olivia Reuter, Writer

The night watchman, Larry (Ben Stiller), embarks on another adventure as the golden tablet is in danger once again.  Sequels can be hard to pull off because of high expectations and the daunting task of turning a used idea into a movie with an original spin.  This difficulty was apparent in the last of this much-loved trilogy.  Although the plot has a few different characters and a change in setting, the plot is lacking a unique element.  In addition, the struggle to retrieve and return the tablet is much less climactic than the previous two movies as well as attempting to delve into more emotional topics rather than focusing mainly on comedy, which is what the movies are known for and seemingly have more of a finesse in.  The movie does have its moments, though, and gives an interesting background of both the tablet and Akmenrah (Rami Malek) himself that contributes to not only this movie but the others in the trilogy.  The use of starpower also seems to be present in this movie.  Actress Rebel Wilson, playing love-struck British nightwatchwoman Tilly, has a few appearances in the movie although she doesn’t play a very significant role in it which is unusual considering her high status as an actress.  Similarly, Dick Van Dyke makes a very short appearance, perhaps for “old time’s sake”, considering his significant role in the first movie.  Robin Williams also made one of his last movie appearances in this ending which was significant in itself as he played a much-loved and wise man who helped to bring out the deeper lessons of each movie.  Overall the “Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb”is a pretty average movie when thought of as a stand-alone but is a satisfying and stirring end to this celebrated trilogy.