Maroon V

Official album cover

Official album cover

Lisi Levy, Page Editor

Suave and seductive: Maroon Five’s “V,” released on September 2nd, takes their signature sound to a whole new level. This album has eleven tracks including “Maps,” the hit single released over the summer, and “My Heart is Open” featuring femme-fatale Gwen Stefani. Every track was written in part by lead singer Adam Levine. This album is a new take on their old sound and was worth the sticker price.

“V” offers a musical kaleidoscope of somber lyrics and upbeat dance tracks. Featuring a more contemporary sound, the songs were given a stronger, more electronic vibe than any of their previous chart-topping songs. Levine has great tone and an incredible falsetto included in almost all of the songs. His use of falsetto provides a small sense of throwback to the seventies, with Maroon Five’s signature stamp of catchy pop lyrics. Many of the songs include a play on words or a clever lyric that will make a listener stop and smile.

Though Maroon Five possesses an unmistakable melody, it is easy for one to lump the songs on this album together. The driving force of each song is a powerful beat that stays constant throughout the entire track. Most songs also feature Levine’s high notes with staccato phrasing. These elements make it easy to confuse one song for another. Despite Maroon Five having a signature sound, the songs on the album itself all contain a common thread that makes them easily muddled together.

Overall, if you are on the fence about purchasing this album, do yourself yourself a favor: buy it.