iPhone 7

Is iPhone 7 really worth the price?


Hongkai Jiang and Richard cheng

Hongkai Jiang and Richard Cheng


This is the price of the newly released iPhone 7.  However, is this new phone worth the price?

Each year, millions of Americans scramble to purchase new editions of Apple products, each with their own new set of gimmicks.  And while previous alterations of iPhones have substantial differences compared to their previous versions, the iPhone 7 seems almost identical to the iPhone 6s.  Both iPhones have a similar battery life.  Also, the talk times of both last up to fourteen hours on 3G, standby up to 10 days.  The sizes of both models are 5.44’’ x 2.64’’ x 0.28’’.  In fact, the largest deviation from the iPhone 7’s predecessor is controversial.  The iPhone 7 no longer houses a headphone jack.

In a survey sent to Clayton High School students, 92 percent of students did not want to upgrade their phones to this new model with the prevailing reason being the lack of a headphones jack.  One student wrote, “I don’t see the need to upgrade. Also, I like my headphone jack.”  With the overwhelming majority claiming Apple did virtually nothing to improve the iPhone, it seems safe to say that many students are happy to save 649 dollars and not upgrade.

But while many students are not satisfied with the iPhone 7, some do find the phone appealing.  The newer model is now more waterproof and is equipped with a better camera.  “The quality is actually clearer than the 6, and they have HD,” CHS student Ben Evra said.  “I love it. And what really makes the iPhone 7 better is the water ‘resistance’.”

Ben Evra also stated that “iPhones are way better than Samsung, at least they do not blow up in your face!” Samsung note 7, the competitor of iPhone 7, has been facing battery overheat and Samsung has recalled all of Samsung note 7 model.

So despite the few alterations made to the iPhone 6, flocks of people still find the iPhone 7 appealing and worth the price.   Perhaps many do find its new features worth the price.  Perhaps some will buy the phone to stay loyal to Apple.  Whatever their motives may be, buying the newest iPhone will always be as American as pizza and cheeseburgers.