Ashleigh Williams, Review Section Editor


A run-down strip mall in Webster Groves is the least probable spot you would find a striving breakfast joint.
Yolklore defies expectations.
Neighboring the prosperous restaurant and drive thru is a vape store and a nail salon. But do not judge a book by its cover: the amazing food inside Yolklore goes beyond a run-of-the-mill breakfast place.
Inside the restaurant, you will find a few tables, a large kitchen, and a couple stools to take a seat.When I stroll in, I catch a whiff of bacon, eggs and coffee. I sit down on a stool and am surrounded by the friendly people of Webster Groves.
The story of Yolklore is a modern fairytale.

Yolklore 1Photo from LB photography

Butcher and Chef John Bogaki created the company with chefs Mary Bogaki and Billy Lrziransky. The company used Kickstarter to help fund the opening, as well as to communicate with the public. Even merchandise was sold. The success of Yolklore is not only an homage to the love for good, but it is also proof of the success of interent start-ups.

Yolklore 2
Photo from LB Photography

Looking at the menu, everything seems delicious. I tell the nice woman at the counter that I want her favorites. Less than five minutes later, I am given three different dishes and a latte. The first dish I dive into looks like a mini pastry pot filled with eggs, greens, bacon and cheese. The different textures of the dish: the soft eggs, crunchy greens, crispy bacon, and doughy buttermilk biscuit add a complex deliciousness to each bite. In addition to the Nest Egg, I was given the Gravy Train. In accordance with its name, there was no shortage of gravy. Along with the boatloads of gravy came a buttermilk biscuit.
This dish can be summarized with one word: soul.

Finally, I take a look at the third dish: a jumbo breakfast sandwich, notoriously called Billy the Kid. This sandwich had more complexity than a normal breakfast sandwich. Although it included the classic eggs, cheese, and breakfast sausage, the ingredients of the dish itself were far more refined. It was warm, yummy and both complex yet simple at the same time.

Yolklore not only defies expectations of what a strip mall food should be, it also creates a new scene of breakfast food in St. Louis. The dishes were sublime.
Yet, what stands out the most about Yolklore is its quirky exterior and welcoming interior, both of which create an unforgettable breakfast experience.