Delmar Hall

A new concert venue has opened on the Delmar Loop



“I wouldn’t be here today without Chuck Berry,” said Gene Simmons from the band Kiss on Sunday, April 9, 2017 at The Pageant at the celebration of life for Chuck Berry in St. Louis, Mo. (J.B. Forbes/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/TNS)

Keilan Morrissey, Reporter

    The Delmar Loop, home to many of the coolest places in the area for getting together with friends and having fun, just added another location for people to go for a good time and a memorable experience.

    There were already several successful music venues on the street, including the popular 2,000-person-capacity Pageant, and the 300-person-capacity Duck Room within the restaurant Blueberry Hill. The Pageant has a main floor, a couple areas for minors, and a balcony for those seeking a view of the concert from up high. Sometimes chairs are spread throughout the venue for concerts, but other times there are no chairs; it typically depends on the type of music and the artist’s preference. I have personally attended four concerts at the Pageant, and it has a typical set-up that is great for all shows. The Duck Room is all on the same level, and provides a close-up view of the performer(s) for just about everybody there. Tables and chairs are brought out for certain events. I have never been in the room, but from what I have seen, it appears to be a great venue for smaller acts. But now, there is a new concert venue.

    From the makers of the Pageant, the 800-person capacity Delmar Hall launched last month, hosted a handful of concerts, and has a roster of other artists set to appear for concerts very soon. I interviewed Robert McClimans, the talent buyer responsible for booking artists at Delmar Hall, with hopes of getting some inside information on this location. I found that this place is unique from the Pageant and the Duck Room because it combines one level floor with one large stage. No other venue in St. Louis is quite like that. Without a balcony like that of the Pageant, everyone in attendance at a Delmar Hall show will feel close and connected to the artist, which should provide a cool vibe for the audience.

    As for the artists that will be playing, several fairly well-known artists are set to appear or have already appeared, but no widely known performers yet. Robert will not be saying no to anybody, so if a big artist is interested in the venue, he will seal the deal with them immediately. But primarily, Robert approaches artists of Delmar Hall’s scale and asks if they’d like to make a stop there on their tours. Some have turned him down, but many have said yes as well. He sells them on how they do a good job with hosting the shows, and provide an experience on par with shows at the Pageant. He also persuades them with the fact that for an artist to hold a show there, all they have to do is park right outside, walk three steps into the building and they’re good to go, then walk three steps back outside to their car or tour bus at the end of the night. The parking is convenient, and the building is designed with simplicity.

    Magic and comedy shows can be held at Delmar Hall too; it is not a solely musical venue. Private receptions like weddings or graduation parties can be booked at Delmar Hall as well by simply reaching out with a single Email. The conveniency of Delmar Hall, for both artists and regular people, is excellent.

    After visiting the venue myself for the opening day celebration, I saw many more aspects of Delmar Hall that peaked my interest. One of the main parts of the building was a large bar serving a variety of drinks and providing two televisions; one showing a sports event or other show, and one showing a live broadcast of the main concert room. So people looking to enjoy a beverage could still enjoy whatever act was going on from a different room. However, the bar is not open whenever shows are not taking place. There was also a nice outdoor patio with a television displaying a live broadcast of the concert room, for people to enjoy the show from outdoor seats. This is a total of three main areas at Delmar Hall, all of which provide an ideal concert experience. The main stage room also appeared to be quite convenient, with a stage close enough to the ground for attendees to be inches away from the performing artist.

    I also attended a concert at Delmar Hall. I saw the rising hip hop sensation Nate Feuerstein (stage name NF) perform a unique rap concert for an audience of his fans, including myself. The lights were well-coordinated, the attendees were well spaced-out, and everything seemed to be working as expected. Rap artists often deliver lyrics so long that they require a recording of themselves to fill in a few words, giving them time to breathe. NF uses these audio aids, but they sounded just as live as his real voice, therefore the audio was perfectly timed and the volume was good.

    As there are at most shows, there was a VIP line a few hours before the concert for fans who wanted to meet the artist and get an autograph as well as a picture. I was in that line, and the whole system flowed nicely. Unlike at the Pageant, where the VIP process has previously been coordinated not so well, the line was let into Delmar Hall to experience a meet and greet with NF at the exact time stated on the invitation. Some of NF’s music was even playing on a radio outside for people waiting in line to enjoy. The Delmar Hall event planners appear to care a lot about the experience of the attendees.

    The venue is nearing its one-month anniversary, and it is presently still successful. I have personally heard peers and classmates mention concerts taking place at Delmar Hall. It is attracting many people of many ages, and its uniqueness makes concert attendees wanting to come back for more.