John Wick: Chapter 2


Justin Guilak and Sean Kim

Killing people with anything from guns to pencils, John Wick: Chapter 2 has it all.

The movie follows Wick (Keanu Reeves) shortly after the events of the first film, coming to a Russian gang leader to reclaim his car. Santino D’Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio), an Italian kingpin, comes to Wick, asking him to kill his sister. Wick declines, and D’Antonio blows up his house. With nowhere to hide, Wick is forced into doing the job, exposing himself to the underground assassin world once more.

The film provides an interesting setting for viewers to consider. Wick lives his life as a member of an international underground community of assassins, including a network of beggars and carrier pigeons throughout NYC, centered at the official safehouse, The Hotel Continental. This unique universe stands out from all other action films, not only giving viewers something cool, but also something to think about.

The sequel outdoes the original in terms of action. The film brings back the franchise’s renown style of gun-fu. Centered around Reeves, the choreography is seamless, letting each move or shot done by his character to lead into the next kill. However, this style never gets repetitive as the movie finds an endless amount of creative ways to kill a person. Another nice addition to the action scenes is director Chad Stahelski’s choice to show that Wick is vulnerable, introducing two new characters that have the skill level of Wick, providing a heightened sense of suspense for the audience, but occasionally, the fights between the Wick counterparts does drag out the movie a bit, but ultimately, the movie’s main action occurs when Wick slaughters a countless number of goons, and it’s gorgeous.

Despite the exceptional action choreography, the film lacks a key element: plot. While the story does provide reason for Wick to begin his adventures again, it is pretty evident that the only real purpose of the movie is the fights. This being said, it stands out to some viewers for its blatant action and violence.

Before seeing John Wick: Chapter 2, you might want to watch the original movie. Since the plot does not play a crucial role in this movie, the events of the first film can be skipped, but certain information from John Wick does appear in the sequel.

Additionally, certain scenes from this motion picture were produced outstandingly well. The cliché loadout scene, with Wick’s weapon and suit selection, prepare viewers for the strongest firefight of the film. The assassination of D’Antonio’s sister and the shootout that follows in the catacombs of Rome. The final fight, between Wick and an army of goons, takes place in a maze of mirrors. While not as great as the catacombs scene, this fight demonstrates Stahelski’s abilities.

What separates this film from most action movies is its cinematography. It’s use of colorful, neon lights allows the viewer to easily see the action, and plus, it’s nice to look at. The camera also rarely takes close ups, letting the audience see the full carnage and skill of Wick’s gunplay.

Ultimately, John Wick: Chapter 2 is every action-lover’s dream, providing the audience with some of the greatest shootouts they have ever watched.