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Riverdale Review

September 21, 2017

An enticing Netflix original series, Riverdale, came out this summer. Riverdale is one of the most well-reviewed titles of the year so far, and the premiere drew in 1.37 million viewers. Based on the well-known children’s comic book, Archie Comics, the series revolves around a murder mystery in small town Riverdale, New York.

The main characters include Archie Andrews, a town hero football player who also enjoys writing music, Betty Cooper, the “good” girl next door, Veronica Lodge, daughter of a convicted business man who is new to town, and Jughead Jones, the narrator of the show and a societal outcast. The somewhat “mean” girl, Cheryl Blossom, whose brother was murdered in the woods, works together to uncover the truth about the murder. Together these five struggle to deal with the tragedy that has struck their usually quiet town and the repercussions that follow the tragedy. Throughout the series, secrets and hidden connections are revealed.

Theis show is only 13 episodes but is packed with suspense and drama that keeps the viewer wanting to view the next episode. Season two is supposed to air in a few months and viewers anticipate the explanation of the hook ending in episode 13.

This series is great for teenagers and viewers who enjoy the suspense of a murder mystery along with high school drama and life.

Caroline Marsden, a junior at Clayton High School, said “It really kept me on my toes, and I couldn’t stop watching because I related to the high school aspect of it and I enjoyed the mystery part.”

If one has a few days of free time, this show is a must watch.

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