Clementine’s, the popular local ice cream store, finds a new home in DeMun.

December 9, 2017


Michael Melinger

Photo of Clementine’s ice cream.

Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery is the only microcreamery in the midwest, and draws in many customers in the St. Louis area, with its two locations: one in Lafayette Square, and the other in Demun. This unique ice cream parlour makes all- natural, small-batch ice cream by hand, according to its owner and head chef Tamara Keefe.

“We are the only all-natural creamery in Missouri,” Keefe said. “Every ingredient we make ourselves or some local company does.”

The requirements of a microcreamery are that all of the ice cream has to be made in small batches by hand, ingredients have to be all natural and ice cream must be made with less than 30 percent of overrun. Keefe explained that store bought ice cream is 100 percent overrun, meaning that 50 percent of what you buy is ice cream, and the other 50 percent is air. With less than 30 percent overrun and 16-18 percent butter fat––regular ice cream has 10 percent butterfat–– Clementine’s ice cream is heavier, creamier, denser, and slow melting.

In addition, Clementine’s creates uncommon flavours in their kitchen located in the city. We tried flavours such as Thai Tea, Toffee Butter Brickle, Black Cherry Ash, Gooey Pumpkin Caramel Pecan and Cinnamon Apple Pie. There was a noticeable difference in density and creaminess in the ice cream. It was extremely rich, and despite ordering the smallest amount, it was impossible to finish it all. The Black Cherry Ash was fun, jet black and infused with real charcoal, turning the consumer’s mouth and teeth black as well. Many of the flavours were fun and vibrant colors, such as Thai Tea and Beet Strawberry Sorbet.

CHS sophomore Mason Sharon is a Clementine’s employee who started working there this summer when they opened up their new location in Clayton.

“They opened up the new location in Demun and it’s like a tradition in my family for their first job to be working in an ice cream shoppe,” Sharon said. “So that and the fact that I already loved their ice cream and needed a job for the summer.”

Although she does not participate in the ice cream-making process, Sharon knows the differences between Clementine’s ice cream and the ice cream found in other shops and stores throughout Missouri.

“Everything is as locally sourced as possible, and it’s locally owned, and organic so it’s got a lower sugar content than other ice creams,” Sharon said. “From my extensive ice cream eating––we get it free on the job––it’s richer than any ice cream I’ve ever had. We collaborate with local companies like Park Avenue Coffee and Big Heart Tea Company. Our flavors are also pretty unique and delicious. And we also offer naughty (alcoholic ice cream) for customers over 21.”

While the ice cream was delicious and the decor was charming, the price was anything but. Each ice cream cone costs upwards of six dollars, before tip. While Clementine’s is a tasty treat, it should not be considered be a classic, like Mr. Wizard’s or Ted Drewe’s. It’s a stop that everyone should make; just make sure to beware of the prices before visiting.

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