The Baked Bear

The new ice cream sandwich shop which makes every sandwich feel homemade

Ice cream sandwiches are a staple for every child during the summer.  However, most sandwiches do not exceed the basic two small cookies with ice cream in between. The Baked Bear attempts to challenge that with its one-of-a-kind ice cream sandwiches that radiate comfort and joy.

The Baked Bear, a delicious cookies and ice cream sandwich shop, opened on November 29 across from the Pageant on the Delmar Loop. The company was started in San Diego by two local sweet-enthusiasts, and Missouri is the tenth state that their brand has now reached. Their mission, as displayed on a sign in the shop, is to “spread joy and create memories, bringing a smile to every customer’s face, one ice cream sandwich at a time.”

The shop offers a variety of cookies, brownies and donuts to choose from in order for customers to create a personalized ice cream sandwich. They have many ice cream flavors and toppings as well. To complete the sandwich, it is hot pressed so the outsides are warm and delicious to eat, even in the winter.

On several occasions, The Baked Bear has had a line out the door. The popularity is inspired by its unique sandwiches with endless combinations. Greeted by customers with friendly faces at the counter, it is easy to see how this restaurant finds success. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the location is easy to access with several other attractions surrounding it.

These sandwiches are not ordinary ice cream sandwiches; they are plenty to fill one or even two people. With a promise that all cookies are fresh out of the oven every day, it is obvious by the taste that these recipes are beyond the basic cookie or brownie. To prove that they do not reuse cookies, they even sell cookies from the day before in packs of six at a discounted price. In addition, all of their ice cream flavors are original with a wide range of flavors such as “Bear Batter”, “Toasted S’mores” and even vegan flavors. To top it off, there is a multitude of toppings to roll your ice cream sandwich in to finish it off perfectly.

This is truly an experience to visit and one that everyone should try. The prices, usually around $6, are reasonable for the quantity of food received, but not necessarily an everyday treat.