The authentic Filipino restaurant, Guerrilla Street Food, recently opened a new storefront on the Delmar loop. (Lulu Hawley)
The authentic Filipino restaurant, Guerrilla Street Food, recently opened a new storefront on the Delmar loop.

Lulu Hawley

Guerrilla Street Food

January 25, 2019

Tucked into the eastern sector of the Delmar Loop is one of three locations of the only Filipino restaurant currently open in St. Louis. Guerrilla Street Food began in 2011 as a Filipino food truck with trendy twists. Eventually, they opened three brick and mortar locations and are currently planning to open two more in 2019.

The Delmar Loop location is currently their biggest and newest space, having opened in March 2018.

Possibly even more creative than their Filipino fusion concoctions is the style and setup of the decor inside. The combination of black honeycomb-shaped tile accent wall, sleek wooden and metal furniture, and a handful of fresh plants hanging from the ceiling create an aesthetically pleasing scene. 

Lulu Hawley
The counter at Guerilla Street Food overlooks the kitchen.

Their menu is certainly wallet-friendly, with their most expensive option coming in at $15. Their menu is divided into three parts — merienda (meaning light meal), “old school” rice bowls or burritos, or “new school” options such as soups or meats.

At Guerrilla Street Food, one orders at the counter and the food is brought to the table. Most of their meals are served on metal trays even though the meal does not fill up the entire tray and therefore efficiently providing space for sides or extra sauces.

I took my family here for lunch, and having never tried Filipino food before, we were curious about what to expect. We ordered two kinds of rice bowls, which is simply meat and other toppings atop a mound of jasmine rice. We ordered the “Flying Pig,” which is pork shoulder, hoisin, and a “63-degree-egg,” and the “Beef Asado,” which is tender locally sourced beef, tomato ginger vinegar sauce, and pickled red onion over a bed of rice fried with crab fat. The servings of the rice bowls are rather large but enjoyable.

We also ordered the sinigang, a sour tamarind soup with bok choy and radishes. The broth itself was light yet tangy and not too salty, and the vegetables in it crisp and fresh.

While each item of the menu of many adventurous but delicious eats may not be a winner for everyone, anyone that walks into the eatery will definitely find something that will work for themselves. Guerrilla Street Food is a delicious restaurant that is gaining popularity daily.

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