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Moriah and Dheera offerf their perspective on a vegan cafe spot opened in early 2017.

New Day Gluten Free Cafe

May 11, 2019

New Day Gluten Free Cafe is located on Clayton Road and is a great place to hang out, eat, and do homework. Its green and white exterior is very inviting and unique to the area and spaces around it. Walking in, the green and white motif continues, and the floor plan is very open. In the middle of the space, they sell prepackaged goodies on a wooden shelf.

To order, you go up to a counter and stand in front of their menu and a glass case full of sugary and sparkly treats. Off to the side of the register, there is a list of their types of coffee such as a caramel latte and a New Day Latte filled with chocolate,.

For the main dishes, we decided to try their cheese pizza and waffles. The waffles were off of their breakfast menu, which is served all day.  For dessert, we got the coconut caramel cheesecake with brownie crust, the sparkle ball and the pucker up cupcake.

After we ordered, we sat in one of the two giant green tile tables in the corner of the cafe by the windows. Next to us there were sofas to lounge around and a rack full of magazines. The rest of the seating were tables surrounded by chairs. It was a homey and comfortable atmosphere, a perfect place for one to hang out after school at and do homework. The soft music in the back was a perfect addition.

After receiving all of our food, which is placed on a platter by the register for customers to go get, we were very pleased with how they looked.  The dishes were all very simply arranged, making the food the center of attention.

We started with desert, first trying the Sparkle Balls. The Sparkle Balls are colorful treats covered in bright colored sugar with a marble cake interior.  The exterior was extremely surgery and overly sweet, but the inside was perfect. The marble cake was strikingly good, but the sugary outside ruined it. After we removed the sugar, it was the perfect treat.

Next we tried the Coconut Caramel Cheesecake with a brownie crust. As someone who does not like cheesecake, this was amazing. The cheesecake was creamy and thick and the coconut and caramel on top was perfect. Even with all of the elements in this desert, it was not too overly sweet and it did not seem busy at all.

We also tried a special cupcake, the “Pucker-up Cupcake.” This was a lemon cupcake with a sweet lemon curd piped into the center. The actual cake and the lemon curd center was delicious. The cake was light and fluffy, and the lemon curd was not too sweet. But, the thick buttercream frosting on top of the cupcake was overpowering, huge in proportion to the rest of the cake and way too sweet. When we removed the frosting, the cupcake was much better.

Next, we tried the cheese pizza. This pizza was the best we have ever had. The crust was perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The cheese was melted and stretchy. As we were eating the pizza, hints of fresh basil from the tomato sauce came through. This pizza is absolutely perfect and is very affordable.

Lastly we tried the waffles from the breakfast menu, which is served all day. They were very fluffy on the inside and had a nice crunch on the outside. It was served with syrup and kosher butter. They were very good and were not too heavy.


New Day Gluten Free Cafe is a very friendly and tasty restaurant, perfect to chill at after school to finish homework. Regardless if you’re vegan or not, you should definitely go check it out!

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