In-Depth: Photos From Inside the Transfer Program

Michael Melinger

These photos are a peak in the lives of two families, Clayton families.  Young kids who want to learn and parents who want the best for their kids. 

These families are apart of the Voluntary Student Transfer program.  A program that provides city families with access to county education.  A program that may soon go away.

Ari’Yonna Guichard and her mother, Deonna (center), sit on their couch as they review her homework from school.
Giovanni leans on his sister, Ari’Yonna, as they sit together in community teams at Captain Elementary.
Ari’Yonna Guichard sits in her fifth grade classroom at Captain Elementary.
Avé March walks down the stairs at her house in St. Louis, MO.
The March siblings walk across their “jungle” as they “swing vine to vine” upstairs in their house.
Deonna Robinson sits on the couch with her daughter Ari’Yonna as she completes her homework.
Kaleigha and ZaBren (left-center) wrestle as Avé watches upstairs in their house. 
Ari’Yonna and Giovanni work together in the classroom at Captain Elementary.