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A picture of Pide, a turkish wood fired flatbread

The Balkan Treat Box

New restaurant in webster groves has become very popular upon opening

May 28, 2019

Located in downtown Webster Groves, the Balkan Treat Box attracts people of all ages. Unlike most popular restaurants, the Balkan Treat Box began as a food truck in 2017 by husband-and-wife, Loryn and Edo Nalic. After quickly increasing in popularity, the couple recently decided to expand. After simply stepping through the door, its mediterranean smells and decor were pleasantly overwhelming.

From the Balkan Treat Box Website

Upon entering the seemingly small space for the number of people inside, the first thing I noticed was the colorful collage of wooden blocks on the back wall. This vibrant piece along with the other decor inside brightened the overall mood of the restaurant.

At first glance, the line out the door was somewhat intimidating. However, it went by very quickly. While waiting in this line to order, someone came by to discuss seating arrangements for the rather large party we had. They were extremely accommodating and moved chairs and tables so we could all sit together.

The menu was much smaller than the typical restaurant with only nine options, some of them being described as specifically vegetarian or vegan. At first, I was apprehensive about being able to find something I would enjoy, but the limited options made it much easier to decide what to eat.

Shortly before ordering, someone from the kitchen came out to inform us they were running low on bread. This was about two and a half hours after opening. While this didn’t have an effect on our orders, people behind us in line might have had to revise their decisions.

I ended up ordering the Lahmacun for twelve dollars. This was a rolled flatbread with beef, parsley, lemon, onion, sumac salad, and sauce inside. Other people got the Pide, a flatbread with cheese and various herbs, and the Doner, chicken inside somun bread with cheese and other vegetables.

We waited about ten minutes for our food, but it was worth it. Each of the different dishes were savory and delicious. Each bite held the perfect blend of crunchiness and creaminess. My meal was slightly spicier than I would have preferred, but after adding creamy feta cheese to it, the flavor was ideal.

I thought my meal was amazing, and after trying some of the other options, I realized each one had a unique combination of flavors everyone seemed to enjoy. The food was worth the price, and even after leaving the restaurant, I continued to hear phrases such as “That was delicious”, “Great choice!”, and “I’ll definitely be going back there!”.

I absolutely enjoyed everything about The Balkan Treat Box. Not only was the food delicious, but the service was impeccable. We were constantly asked if we were enjoying our meal and even while waiting in line, people started conversations with us and ensured our needs were met. As soon as a party got up from their table, it was instantly cleaned off and prepared for the next group, keeping the entire restaurant spotless.

The Balkan Treat Box had an excellent blend of food and a positive atmosphere. I absolutely loved this restaurant and will be back.

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