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The Selfie Room

October 30, 2019


Ella Cuneo (Photo Editor)

Dheera Rathikindi writing on a chalk board at the St. Louis Selfie Room.

Two ball pits, lines of metallic balloons hanging from the ceiling, walls made of grass and books, huge cardboard lemons, and a giant black spider. In short, The Selfie Room is the perfect place to take photos. 

Walking into St. Louis’s Selfie Room, a building decorated top to bottom with aesthetic decorations dedicated only for Instagram photos, we immediately felt like we were in a professional photography studio. We were pleasantly surprised to see multiple ring lights that you are allowed to move, tilt, or raise, as well as changing areas in the back for a quick outfit swap.

In the large and high ceilinged room that they had sectioned off into multiple different sets, we were encouraged to move props around for the perfect picture. The manager, Charlie Tatum, who greeted us at the front desk by the door, was helpful and welcoming. The Selfie Room had a laid back and relaxed entry with a nature-inspired scene, including an arch of colorful paper flowers. 

We saw a nice variety of different age groups from young couples to mothers with their children. 

One of the sets we particularly enjoyed was the ball pit. The aquamarine-colored pit, located at the front of the room, was filled to the brim with white plastic balls. Jumping in brought out our inner child that is usually restrained by our excruciating workloads.

Another set that stood out to us was the seasonal Halloween themed wall. With a faux spider coated in its web and a delightful orange backdrop, this background helped us get in the mood for the spooky season. 

Right now we have some fall elements around but we still keep something kitschy and fun so everything isn’t like BOOM pumpkin spice. ”

— Charlie Tatum

Even though the Selfie Room had different fall-themed sets, it also had multiple summer-inspired sets. The manager Tatum says, “We change our themes quarterly, we kind of go with the seasons. We opened up first with our spring themes, then we went into summer. Right now we have some fall elements around but we still keep something kitschy and fun so everything isn’t like BOOM pumpkin spice.” Since the sets are constantly changing, it is a new experience every time you go.

We used a Groupon to pay for our tickets and paid $15 each. The original prices were $20 for kids, $20 for students with IDs, and $30 for adults. While we did love the Selfie Room, we think this is a bit overpriced. 

The Selfie Room does not provide cameras, so you can either bring your own or you can use a phone. But, they do provide selfie sticks. The Selfie Room experience is designed to take around an hour, but they encourage you to take as long as you need. 

Overall the Selfie Room is a really great addition to the St. Louis downtown area. It’s appeal to young audiences looking for a great place to take photos and have fun, ultimately draws in a very large audience. Although the price is not ideal, The Selfie Room is a great place to spend an afternoon with friends!

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