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Knives Out

January 15, 2020

Delivering laughs, thrills, and a spin on the classic “whodunit” mystery, “Knives Out” is a film sure to keep everyone happy in theaters. Not only does it have a masterfully written, unique screenplay, it also features a slew of A-list actors such as Golden Globe winner, Jamie Lee Curtis and Teen Choice Award Winner, Chris Evans. Both Ana de Armas who played the protagonist, Marta Cabrera and Daniel Craig who played detective Benoit Blanc were nominated for a Golden Globe in their category. The film itself also earned a nominee for Best Musical or Comedy Motion Picture. With a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and raving reviews, movie-goers love director, Rian Johnson’s film.
“Knives Out” opens with the estate housekeeper finding the Thrombey grandfather, Harlan dead the morning after his 85th birthday party. Detective Benoit Blanc must then question each attendee, uncovering a web of conflicts between the very stubborn, strong-minded members of the Thrombey family. In keeping with the classic storyline of a murder mystery, details in the story are proven to be important and the killer is revealed. However, it’s the modern take and comedic relief that separate the movie from other movies of the same genre.
The film is able to cleverly incorporate political messages relevant today, with many of the characters possessing different political opinions which may remind some viewers their own family feuds.
While centering around a man who is stabbed to death, the movie somehow manages to make much of the film comedic, so much so that it earned a spot not only in the mystery genre, but also in the comedy genre.
The thrills of the plot mixed with the comedic lightheartedness turned out to be a perfect blend, proving that sticking to one genre may be what is keeping viewers from being satisfied when walking out of a theater.

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