Netflix has become a popular streaming service during this time, in addition to other platforms like Hulu and Amazon Prime (Netflix)
Netflix has become a popular streaming service during this time, in addition to other platforms like Hulu and Amazon Prime


Best TV Shows to Watch

Now that people are staying at home amid the coronavirus crisis, they have more time on their hands. The Globe looks at the best TV shows to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

April 19, 2020

With coronavirus keeping people in isolation, streaming services like Netflix can be a savior from going absolutely insane. Netflix holds many great TV shows, but the vast number of shows to choose from can feel overwhelming. Even if you do find a great show that has you hooked, you could be just a day away from the devastating moment when the “next episode” link switches to “recommended for you to watch next.” The streaming service that can be the best thing in the world one moment can easily switch to one of the most annoying things imaginable. This is why we have made a guide to the best TV shows to watch on Netflix and other common streaming services broken down by genre.



Are you always annoyed when a show’s storyline is too predictable or keeps repeating itself? Not afraid to be a little scared? If so, the Netflix show “American Horror Story” might be just the thing you’re looking for. AHS is different from other television shows in the sense that it has different storylines in each season (I know, I was really confused on season two episode one). Let me explain.
Season one is called “Murder House” and follows a family after they unknowingly move into a haunted Los Angeles house which has experienced dozens of murders since the 1920s. Now, this season is set in modern-day America, but it doesn’t mean that other seasons have to be. Season two, “Asylum,” follows news reporter Lana Winters as she investigates an asylum in the 1960s and is actually forced to stay and become a patient. What is also cool is that the cast is primarily made up of returning actors from the previous season playing completely new rolls. AHS never fails to keep you on your toes, especially after learning that many of the mysteries are based on events in real life. So if you’re looking for a show that is totally different and on the slightly spookier side, give “American Horror Story” a try.



Aimee Spinks

We think that some of the best fantasy shows to watch are “Outlander” and “Merlin,” which are both on Netflix. “Outlander” has three seasons and “Merlin” has five, so both of these shows will last you for a while.

Life is hard as it is. Now imagine being thrown back in time by a magical stone circle. How about being thrown from 1940s Scotland to the 1740s Scottish Highlands amongst the buildup of the Jacobite rebellion against the British? Now add on being a British woman in addition to all of this, having to endure the constant questioning and disapproval of many Scottish people after just hearing you speak. Well, the award-winning Netflix show “Outlander” follows young woman Claire Beuchamp as she struggles with these issues and more. “Outlander” is great for so many reasons, only one of them being that viewers get to listen to a bunch of people talk in cool Scottish accents. Even after one episode, “Outlander” had us hooked. So if you are willing to watch a period show that is also fantasy, we would highly recommend “Outlander.”

“Merlin” tells the story of the legendary King Arthur and his experiences growing up in the kingdom of Camelot. Merlin is a young wizard who swears to protect Arthur and is always by his side. Magic is forbidden in Camelot, so Merlin must be careful to hide his powers. “Merlin” is a great show for both kids and adults because it contains action but is also about daily life in the Middle Ages. It teaches the viewer about the stories and legends of King Arthur. It is a very funny show to watch as well, and Merlin and Arthur together are a funny duo.



There are many great period shows out there, but we think that the two best are “The Man in the High Castle” and “The Crown.” If Netflix just isn’t doing it for you or you’re just interested in something different, Amazon Prime’s “The Man in the High Castle” might be for you. Set in America in the 1960s, “The Man in the High Castle” shows what life might be like if Germany and Japan had won WWII. The show centers around Juliana Crain, who lives in the Pacific states (controlled by Japan) and is given a mysterious tape by her sister just before her sister is shot. New Yorker Joe Blake (in the Nazi-controlled area) is given a different tape to transport across the country. Why are these tapes so important? What do they contain that is worth risking your life for? Could they put a stop to much of the injustice that exists in this America? Well, “The Man in the High Castle” starts to answer these questions and leaves viewers with more as the minutes go on. It shows how far a group of people are willing to go in order to seek justice and freedom.
The Crown is a Netflix show about the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s until present day. The show begins when Elizabeth’s father, George VI, is still king. However, he passes away after several episodes and Elizabeth inherits the throne at a young age. The show follows Elizabeth’s life throughout the next few decades. The show is amazing and has won many awards and nominations. It is also reportedly one of the most expensive shows ever made. The first season cost about $130 million. If you’re looking for a show that will have you hooked, this is it.



Sadly “Friends,” our go-to sitcom, has been taken off of Netflix and is not easily accessible to those who wish to view episodes for free. Luckily, another sitcom that has previously also been taken off of Netflix can be viewed on Hulu. “How I Met Your Mother” is a classic TV show that is loved by many. Naturally, I have binged it several times. What is great about “How I Met Your Mother” is that it is actually funny and enjoyable to watch. The show requires very little commitment and is just a great go-to. I would highly recommend it!
“The Good Place” is a show on Netflix about a woman named Eleanor Shellstrop who finds herself in the Good Place: a Heaven-like afterlife. She makes several friends there before realizing that she is actually there by mistake and is supposed to be in the Bad Place. However, she tries to become good so that she can remain in the Good Place. This is a funny show that is very bingeable. There are many plot twists and it is a show that can definitely be rewatched over and over again. If you’re looking for a funny, addictive show, this is definitely the show for you.

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