Zombies, Run! Review

Zombies, Run! is a fitness app that makes cardio more fun. While on a rower, elliptical, treadmill or running outside, the app simulates being in a zombie apocalypse. On the app, you can track your exercise using GPS-if you’re running outside, constant pace calculator, or step counting. You have the option to set a duration of your workout based on how far or how long you want to run. Throughout the entire duration, you can listen to your own music (on Spotify, Apple Music, or any other music/podcast apps). Once you start exercising, the app automatically starts playing the mission. Abel Township is one of the last cities that is not Zombie infested, survivors from there will contact you as you run. They’ll ask you to collect supplies for the city, and will warn you if there are any obstacles nearby. If you allow the app to do so, you can turn on Zombie Chases. At times in the mission, zombies will chase you, and to survive you must outrun them by bringing your pace up. At no point in your workout however, does the app make you stop, slowdown, change your path, or look at your phone. It adapts to your speed, and your route, which is really convenient.

Personally, I really enjoy running outside, so when I heard of this app I knew that I had to give it a try. On the first day, set my duration for 5km and enabled GPS tracking. I always try to improve my times, so I turned on Zombie Chases in hopes getting some motivation to push a little harder. As soon as I started my mission, the sound of helicopters surrounded me and I was startled because it sounded so real. After a few instructions from the people at Abel Township, I was off. The plot unfolded as I ran, and I was “briefed” on how things were going with the Zombies. Before I knew it, I had run about 2km, which goes to show that the mission was really entertaining. My first Zombie Chase warning came up, and I sprinted because I was genuinely a little scared. I was able to bring my pace down and fully recover when I hit a big hill. Right then, another Zombie Chase warning came up and I sprinted my way up that hill. I was so determined to save myself that I pushed through all that pain. I finished my run with one last Zombie Chase, I went all out and finished strong. Compared to my usual runs, I felt more accomplished because I was able to overcome that big hill that usually kills me. As for my times, they were significantly lower than my average times (keep in mind I always run the same 5km route). Having some sort of purpose in my run, made a huge difference in my performance. I tried this same run using Zombies, Run! two more times and my progress was unbelievable! On my runs (without the app) my average pace was 6’45’’/km. After 3 runs using Zombies, Run! my pace dropped to 5’36”/km. That’s more than 1 minute off of my km split! I’m not the fastest runner, but I thought that was incredible progress.

I would recommend that anyone who has trouble finding the motivation to run tries this app. Especially, anyone who gets bored during runs (or any cardio activity). Because gyms are closed right now, due to COVID-19, many people are struggling to get enough exercise. This is a great app to get you on your feet during this pandemic. If you have a treadmill, rowing machine or elliptical at home, this app is a really convenient and fun way to get some exercise. If not, go outside and outrun some Zombies, keeping your distance of course!