Covid-19 Mask. Will they be used this summer?
Covid-19 Mask. Will they be used this summer?

Summer 2021

What will this summer look like?

June 15, 2021

Planning on traveling the world this summer might be unrealistic, but what will this summer of 2021 truly look like? As more and more countries around the world get the Covid-19 vaccine, when will we get back to normal? What are the likely limitations we will have during this summer?

In the US, President Biden and his team are currently working to improve vaccine distribution. After putting in contracts for more doses of both vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) Biden announced, “we’re now on track to have enough supply for 300 million Americans by the end of July”. The vaccine distribution will increase. However, Dr. Fauci reports we need 70 -85% of Americans vaccinated to reach normalcy.

Students/children (under 16) are still being tested for the vaccine, meaning the vaccine has not been approved yet for widespread use on them. Many students at CHS are under 16, along with all of the elementary schools and the middle school. Summer plans with other children who are not yet vaccinated will still be a greater risk.

Even with vaccines, masks are still expected for use and won’t be going away this summer. Although you will not experience the symptoms of COVID to the same extent after receiving the vaccine, it is still possible to transmit the virus to others. Until more research is done regarding transmission people still need to protect others in order to decrease the spread overall.

The cold has made having outdoor activities fairly challenging this winter. We can all look forward to socializing outside, distanced, with friends and family this summer. Being outside has been shown to be a safer option and will be significantly easier in warmer weather. So get outside and enjoy nature!

Travel has been out of the question for many during this pandemic and legally restricted for many countries. Unfortunately, this summer will not be the time to travel from country to country. Many countries will continue to have restrictions including quarantine periods, especially from the US, which continues to be a major hot spot for coronavirus.

Inside the US regulations continue to be fairly open so traveling between states becomes a decision of what risks will your family take and what precautions can be taken. Some students are taking advantage of the remaining in-person camps, and summer activities. Junior Adelaide Griffey plans on going to a science/healthcare program at Truman State. Where she will be following all covid guidelines while engaging carefully in in-person activities. She is interested in how the camp will discuss Covid which has so greatly affected the medical community.

For other students online opportunities are the better option, Kathryn Davis explained,
“I will be virtually attending Yale Young Global Scholars, a program which I planned on attending last summer but due to Covid I was deferred to this summer”. Taking online summer camps is a great way to stay engaged this summer while mediating any risk.

Although we all wish we could know the future, coronavirus continues to be unpredictable and could continue to get worse depending upon people’s ability to follow regulations, along with the ability to get vaccines. Overall, keep in mind that things can change and plan on having a fun but safe summer.

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