Review of Shadow and Bone

Will talk about the TV show from Netflix.


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Shadow and Bone Official Movie Poster


Shadow and Bone was a very long-awaited tv series that many fans could not wait to watch. Shadow and Bone are based on a book series by Leigh Bardugo. The tv show combined two-book series she wrote; Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows. The tv show came out on April 23, 2021. It is on Netflix and has eight episodes.

On Rotten Tomatoes it has a 4.7 out of five stars. Rotten Tomatoes says “From gorgeous costumes to impressive — if intimidating — world-building, Shadow and Bone are certainly as meticulous as its source material, but by folding in unexpected stories it expands the novel’s scope to craft an exciting new adventure for fans and newcomers alike”.

The show follows a girl named Alina Starkov who is a mapmaker. She finds out she has the power of light and is thrust into this new word she still needs to figure out. There are many other important characters but it mostly follows her.

I recommend reading the books before watching the movies because it would make it even more enjoyable. There are some jokes in the movie that would only be understood if you read the books. But it is still really good without reading the books so it’s okay if you don’t.

After I finished the tv show I could not stop thinking how good it was and how long I have waited to watch it. I watched all 8 episodes in one night because it was that good.

One thing I think is that the casting of this tv show is very good and that they chose perfect actors for the roles they play. All of them (even minor) reminded me so much of the characters in the book it’s crazy. After I watched the show I went and watched the interviews and all the actors were so funny and nice. Overall the cast of this tv show is very good.

The plot of the story really keeps you hooked. And the mystical world this is set in is very interesting. It reminds me a little of Avatar (if you’ve seen it) with the different elemental powers of a sort.

Originally the two-book series (Shadow and bone and six of crows) were set in different timelines. However, in the show, they were all in the same timeline. It was enjoyable seeing all of your favorite characters interact. They added some changes that branched off from the books that I really liked (I would share but I don’t want to spoil it).

Overall this was a very good tv show and it definitely deserves all the hype. There was lots of comedy and the plot was interesting. It is definitely a must-watch tv show.