Purple hearts: is it really worth all the backlash?

A blue and red heart together makes a purple heart, metaphorically and literally.


Photo by: Purple Hearts

Purple hearts official poster


 A new movie about an unexpected and twistable love story has people buzzing. A Netflix film starring Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galtizne, titled Purple hearts.  The storyline follows an aspiring musician and a military member having an unexpected love story but some have called this movie “ a terrible film”, and sits with a low rotten tomatoes ranking. So what is the controversy? Why is it being called terrible?

First, let’s start with all the good news. Singer Sofia Carson has some beautiful songs on this soundtrack that certainly brighten up the film such as “Come back home”. A truly moving and touching song. The soundtrack is very strong, and so is the casting of this movie, as Carson and Galitzine bring this story to life very well. The


re are some really special moments throughout the film that will leave you swooning. The film also starts really strong, it’s hooking immediately with a twist at the beginning. A man from the military and a worker who’s an aspiring musician, have to fake a relationship for their benefit,  but where does it fall apart? 

Purple Hearts shows a lot of stereotypical madness in the relationship between Cassie and Luke, but behavior went a little too high for some people’s liking. 

The Military was presumed as a stereotypical one, to an extreme extent, so extreme that it had everyone talking.  Why as a society have we gotten to a point of everything is about stereotypes that can vary? The quality of this movie was criticized, as the story seemed basic and boring to people.  You can tell what was going to happen from the beginning. This wasn’t a horrible thing, but it was missing something as well. 

This layer is not well added to the issues already set, there was a lot to criticize with this film. People have been calling this film “military propaganda” and an attempt to romanticize the middle ground between a democrat, and a republican “falling in love”.  Instead It messes up that middle ground area and presents it in the worst way possible.”

Netflix’s smash-hit romance Purple Hearts is a political hate-watch

— anonymous

In conclusion, was the movie entertaining with a hooking plot? Absolutely. “Purple hearts” is a solid watch that can be enjoyed. But logically? The movie was flawed, and shows quite a lot of propaganda, and does not serve a good purpose.