The new library offers a variety of seating options. Students utilize all of these areas. (Alison Booth)
The new library offers a variety of seating options. Students utilize all of these areas.

Alison Booth

A Modern Library

Students have been quick to return to the CHS library following its October 11 reopening. The new library is a welcome change for most.

November 16, 2022

After you pass the new technology help desk and library entrance, the fresh, modern appearance of the library is evident. Sophomore Mohini Mahajan said, “The library looks similar to Parana now.” Full of blues and deep oranges, the space is enjoyed more frequently after its October 11 reopening.

The library’s new shelving is decorated with student art work. (Alison Booth)

The first option for comfortable seating is in the center of the library. This large sectional couch has a tall back creating a pseudo room. Students utilize this space primarily for individual work. Small tables and stools scatter this area and throughout the rest of the library.

Past the tall blue couch, students visit the library’s primary desk for assistance finding books, checking out books, and using the available printers and staplers. To the right of the desk, where the sliding bookshelves were formerly housed, new bookshelves line the walls, surrounding four large deep orange chairs. Students can be found here working on group projects and socializing.

Behind the desk are the fireplace and additional couches and small tables. This space brings a cory element to the otherwise modern library. To the left of these spaces, the front of the other half of the library is filled with bookshelves. Between the shelves, students can sit in chairs to complete group projects or socialize. Past the shelves are numerous large simple white tables surrounded by classroom-like chairs.

The fireplace area is a calming space for students. (Alison Booth)

This space is used to collaborate with large groups of students or for classes who would like to use the library. The right side of the library is lined with offices and the left side is lined with small study rooms filled with couches and chairs. These study rooms are students’ favorite new element, followed by the new seating. Senior Ken McKavoy said, “I like the small study rooms because they block out a good portion of the sounds from the rest of the library.”

I like the small study rooms because they block out a good portion of the sounds from the rest of the library.”

— Senior Ken McKavoy

Although the library is appreciated by the student body, it may be over-appreciated. Many students commented on the increased noise. Junior Blake Feinstein said, “Since the library is newly renovated, it has a lot of hype so people are flocking to see it and it makes for a crowded and noisy space.” Students hope the noise will die down as time passes.

Lack of outlets is students’ other worry. Sophomore Hansini Mahajan commented, “A lot of the new seating areas don’t have outlets which is difficult because a lot of work is online.” Senior Elaine Yoo saw the same issue saying, “Electrical outlets are more sparse in the new library, which makes it difficult when your computer runs out of battery while you’re working.”

Even with the few drawbacks, students greatly enjoy the new space. With increased seating and access to books, the library is the new favorite spot on campus.

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