Inside Honey Bee Tea in Brentwood, regardless of the shop’s small footprint, the space is comfortable and inviting. (ali)
Inside Honey Bee Tea in Brentwood, regardless of the shop’s small footprint, the space is comfortable and inviting.


Honey Bee Tea

May 12, 2023

Located off of Eager road near Clayton High School favorites Chick-Fil-A and Trader Joe’s, Honey Bee Tea is a fun place to stop off and get a treat. Walking into Honey Bee Tea, you are transported into a cute and aesthetic shop. Neon signs, creative seating, and a large sign with the logo welcome customers. The intoxicating and pleasantly sweet smell guides customers to the counter.

From left to right, signature boba tea, original milk tea, and mango slush from Honey Bee Tea on Brentwood. (Alison)

Honey Bee Tea’s menu is extensive, with milk, fruit and plain teas. Honey Bee Tea’s menu is extensive, with milk, fruit and plain teas. Outside of teas, you can order hot drinks, smoothies, coffee and desserts. They also offer a variety of toppings like an assortment of bobas, jellies, and variations on creme brulee, best represented by their signature drink menu.

We ordered a classic milk tea with boba, a mango smoothie with boba and an Okinawa milk tea with toasted creme brulee topping, a signature menu item. The total came out to $33 (around $11 per drink), so a bit pricey.

On of the walls inside the shop proudly display’s the logo with a large light up sign. (Alison)

Once you place your order, you will receive a buzzer to alert you once your order is complete. Our wait time was short, and we were able to try our drinks almost right away.. Each drink was quite large and came in a sturdy plastic cup with Honey Bee Tea branding on the side and top.

The classic milk tea had a strong black tea flavor. It tasted pleasantly natural. The boba was chewy and soft. The signature drink’s tea flavor was similar with the additional prominent brown sugar flavor. The brown sugar was a great addition to the drink transforming it into a sweet dessert. We also ordered the Okinawa milk tea.The creme brulee topping did not add much to the drink and was not really noticeable. If you’re looking for a sweet tea, this is a great option.

Outside of tea, we tried the mango smoothie. The boba in the smoothie was initially confusing however we enjoyed it in the end. The smoothie was quite sweet with a strong mango flavor. The mango smoothie is also offered on the kids menu, which is a great option for a smaller and cheaper amount.

Honey Bee Tea serves delicious drinks; however, the one drawback was the price. Their newest location, the one we visited, is in the same shopping center as Chick-fil-a, so make sure to check it out the next time you’re grabbing lunch during Greyhound time.

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