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The student news site of Clayton High School.

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The student news site of Clayton High School.

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In the west, traditional Asian culture is often fetishized by both society and media

The Fetshization of Asian Cultures in the West

Samantha Anne McDonough, Reporter January 8, 2021

You go on a first date. Your date seems really great! They’re a little weird, but everyone is and they seem nice, so what does it matter? The two of you talk as you eat, and nearing the end of the meal...

Art by Ella Cuneo. Individuals with Sensory Processing disorder struggle to wear a mask because it can cause overstimulation.

Unmasking Sensory Processing Disorder

Daphne Kraushaar and Maya Goldwasser December 18, 2020

As you head out the door in the morning on your way to start the day, you’re probably reaching for your phone, wallet, keys, and in this day in age, of course, a mask. For months, all of us have been...

Eighth grader Aimee Creighton (13) performs her virtual Bat Mitzvah at home,

Virtual B’nai Mitzvah

Chloe Creighton, Page Editor December 9, 2020

After years of becoming familiar with the teachings of the Torah, learning how to read Hebrew and memorize the tunes of ancient prayers, Jewish 13-year-olds are finally ready for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Many...

Friedman has been staking out his own in L.A as an aspiring actor, recently landing a role as the lead in an Amazon Prime film.

In the Spotlight

Disha Chatterjee, Feature Section Editor November 25, 2020

Many Clayton alums go on to pursue exceptional exploits in a wide variety of careers. But one in particular, Jeff Friedman, found himself a role in the spotlight-- and most recently, as the lead in an...

Nathan Dinwiddie, a material handler at the Columbia Material Recovery Facility at
5700 Peabody Road, removes plastic material that doesn’t belong in #1 through #7
plastic recyclables. [Don Shrubshell/Tribune file photo]spell their names correctly

The Exacerbation of Waste During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Seraphina Corbo and Iris Park November 16, 2020

Amid the devastating wildfires in the West, the surging cases of COVID-19, and the boisterous quarreling of politicians, another issue has arisen in recent months. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a collapse...

Scientist Shima Nikkhah works on a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus.

How Close Are We?

Shane LaGesse, Editor-in-Chief November 16, 2020

Masks, herd immunity, social distancing. None of these potential virus killers or preventers are as popular in the eyes of the American people and political leaders as an end-all be-all COVID-19 vaccine. Since...

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Applying to College During a Pandemic

Sophie Yoshino, Opinion Section Editor November 10, 2020

October is a relatively mellow time of the year for most students, but for seniors, it is certainly the most stressful. College essays, the ACT, the SAT, interviews, tours, teacher recommendations… seniors...

Wonton Kings empty dining room amidst COVID-19.

Customer mask-wearing during a pandemic

Sasha Keller, Pro/Con Section Editor November 9, 2020

You walk into your local grocery store and notice a sign that informs customers they must wear a mask inside, you put your mask on and push through the door. You hear someone yelling a few aisles down...

A young man safely deposits a portion of subdivision takeout on a doorstep.

The Safest Way to Save your Local Restaurants

Alex Cohen, Sports Section Editor November 6, 2020

A growing group of local restaurateurs are trying to save the St. Louis food scene. Last year, Food & Wine Magazine lauded St. Louis as the fifth best city for food in the U.S. in 2019. Yet according...

An Uyghur woman walks along an area of reconstruction in Kashgar, China. Many homes in the old urban district of Kashgar are being reconstructed, and many have been raised to build a new park. (Los Angeles Times/MCT)

The Muslim Genocide Happening in China

Isra Kayani, Page Editor November 3, 2020

“How can you just hear about a million people being tortured and killed and then just brush that off?” said Sadaf Kayani, a Muslim living in Clayton. “This has been happening for years, you’ll...

Apple trees at Eckerts Belleville Country Store and Farms.

Apple Picking During COVID-19

Ana Mitreva, Senior Managing Editor October 30, 2020

With the holiday seasons approaching COVID-19 seems just about ready to spoil any seasonal fun. But across America, pick your own apple orchards and farms are still providing this fall-themed outdoors...

Clayton High School is set to open back up for students on November 9th, 2020

Is Returning to School Safe?

Ruthie Pierson, News Section Editor October 26, 2020

As time has passed, schools and businesses are beginning to open up across the country, including in Missouri. However, with Missouri covid-19 cases continuing to be on the rise, the question of whether...

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