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The Syrian-Clayton Connection

Photo of Debra Wiens, who used to be a history teacher at CHS, by Michael Melinger.
An update on the lives of Syrian refugees in St. Louis.
February 14, 2020

Debra Wiens: It was Thanksgiving Day 2016, and former CHS Current Issues teacher Debra Wiens had just put the finishing touches on a traditional home-cooked meal when her daughter, a college student in...

Connor Sings

Head shot provided by Holly Connor.
CHS freshman Holly Connor realized her passion for singing at a young age. She recently performed the National Anthem at a Blues game.
February 14, 2020

On November 30th, CHS freshman Holly Connor stepped out onto the ice rink of a hushed stadium, glaring overhead spotlights directed straight at her, and grasped the microphone stand. She was about to...

Robotics Chili Cook-Off

The Robohounds carry their bot towards the competition field before a match in Oklahoma City. From left to right: junior Max Walter-Morrissey, sophomore Olivia Zindel, engineering teacher Stephen Beauchamp.
February 3, 2020

During the evening of Friday, November 1st, the CHS robotics team (or "Robohounds"), held its Chili Cook-Off fundraiser for the fourth time running. An annual tradition, the robotics team has held a chili...

The History of Wydown

The exterior of the old Wydown Middle School building
Wydown Middle School teacher Sarah Miller tells us about the History of Wydown
January 10, 2020

  “Whenever you build something new, and it’s beautiful and shiny and taller, it becomes different in terms of personality,” said Sarah Miller, a sixth grade Social Studies Teacher at Wydown. Most...

Stirring Up Competition

Dr. Compton works with students to refine a menu for the state competition that will be held in February.
Senior Managing Editor Noor Jerath reports on the success of Clayton High School's culinary team's preparation for the National ProStart Invitational.
December 29, 2019

You’re walking down the hallway and all of a sudden the smell hits you. The intoxicating fragrance of butter and vanilla perfectly melded together in the form of a warm sugar cookie. The day takes its...


December 28, 2019

USERS Vaping. The popular trend, the dangerous epidemic, the social drug of the 21st century. The topic of dinner table talk. While teen cigarette use is at an all-time low, vaping has taken its place...

An Epidemic: Gun Violence in St. Louis

An Epidemic: Gun Violence in St. Louis
December 10, 2019

Introduction On the night of Dec. 14, 2012, when parents should have been out shopping for the holidays and grabbing the week’s groceries, they instead found themselves gathered at the local firehouse,...

Filling The Gap

December 3, 2019

Elementary school, middle school, high school, college. Most current CHS students are privileged enough that this sequence of education is an expectation, even an assumption, from the start. But could...

Ai Weiwei

From the Bare Life Exhibition
December 2, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to meet one of the most famous living artists in the world as he was leaving his Bare Life exhibition at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum in Washington University. Ai...

Why Spring Break is Different this Year

An animated image of the coronavirus up close.
CHS students' spring break plans are affected by the coronavirus.
November 23, 2019

Woman Dies of Coronavirus. Coronavirus Has Spread to Yet Another Country. Live Update on Coronavirus. After opening up the news a person can feel as if they are being swarmed by coronavirus articles. For...

Robyn Wiens

Assistant Superintendent Robyn Wiens outside the CHS Admin Building.
November 18, 2019

When Robyn Wiens was a junior at Ladue High School, she got a B on an AP American History test and lost her 4.0 GPA. She thought it was the end of the world. “Everyone kept telling me it was ok, but...

Clayton’s English Language Learners

Inside an ELL class. Photo by Whitney Le.
The Globe examines the challenges that students from non-English speaking countries face at Clayton High School and how the English Language Program helps them reach success.
November 13, 2019

Classroom 112 sits behind an unassuming brown door tucked away next to the library. This room is home to the English Language Program (ELP) and teacher Amy Chappuis.  The ELP is a district-wide program...

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