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Democratic Primary Update

Angela Xiao, Reporter | May 5, 2020


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Coronavirus and the Election

Luka Bassnett, Reporter | April 26, 2020

The coronavirus crisis seems to have wedged itself into the view of the media, sucking up the oxygen that might otherwise have fueled reporting of other newsworthy events. However, even as the pandemic continues, one should not forget the elephant in the room: the 2020 elections. Although the coronavirus’ effect on politics will not be clear until after the quarantines end and the infections subside,...

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XFL Files for Bankruptcy

Billy Hurst/USA TODAY Sports

The XFL filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday. The BattleHawks had a record of 3-2.

COVID-19 Cancellation to Last Until End of School Year

Siddhi Narayan

The School District of Clayton has announced that it will be closed until May 28, 2020.

Medicaid Expansion


Golden State Medical Supply recently announced the recall of seven lots of 150mg ranitidine and 12 lots of 300mg ranitidine capsules made for Golden State by manufacturer Novitium Pharma.

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