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Vivian Chen, Jimmy Malone, Sava Tamanaha, Lila Taylor, and Yiyun Xu | December 28, 2019

USERS Vaping. The popular trend, the dangerous epidemic, the social drug of the 21st century. The topic of dinner table talk. While teen cigarette use is at an all-time low, vaping has taken its place in high school settings. The long term effects are unknown. It’s prevalence isn’t. 42.2 percent of Clayton High School students have tried vaping. 12.8 percent are currently addicted to nicotine....

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HB 126

December 10, 2019

In recent months, many states across the United States have introduced new policies regarding access to legal abortion. In light of Missouri HB 126, which would criminalize abortion if a fetus heartbeat is detected without exceptions for rape or incest, the Globe staff spoke with health care providers, lawmakers, students and community members about this controversial issue. Some sources have chosen...

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The History of Wydown

Elizabeth Sikora

The exterior of the old Wydown Middle School building

Lady Hounds Prey on STEAM, Ritenour and McCluer in Tournament

Ella Cuneo

The Girls' Varsity Basketball team poses for a photo with their victory plaque.

The Selfie Room

Ella Cuneo (Photo Editor)

Dheera Rathikindi writing on a chalk board at the St. Louis Selfie Room.

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Clayton’s Fresh Faculty
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