The Student News Site of Clayton High School.

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The Student News Site of Clayton High School.

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The Student News Site of Clayton High School.

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Pro: The Use of Police Force

Rachel Bluestone, copy editor October 3, 2014

In the New York Daily News on Aug. 23, 2014, John Paolucci, a retired detective sergeant from the New York Police Department, wrote a commentary defending the use of police force. In the article, Paolucci...

Welcome Back GNN

Phoebe Yao, Editor October 16, 2012

The clock strikes 9:56. It is the end of second hour; the day has barely begun, yet the slap of feet on stone steps accents every second of each tension filled minute for the crew of the Greyhound News...

Incoming: Autumn [get excited]

Jackie Leong October 1, 2011

Insert something clichéd and sentimental about autumn here. And scratch it out. There are hundreds of ways for us to demonstrate our love for the current season. We could describe the crisp air, the...

September Interest Page

Dee Luo January 21, 2011

September interest page

Female Athlete of the Month

Sarah Tait October 5, 2010

The ideal athlete not only works to better herself as much as possible, but also strives to better those around them. Bridget Dougan, a defensive player on the CHS volleyball team, fulfills both of those...

Administration, teachers enact academic integrity policy

Jackie Leong October 4, 2010

With the school year barely begun, CHS students this year found themselves presented with something they’d never seen before: an honor contract. This year, a new integrity policy has been enacted...

Learning not to give into pressure and just play

Jackie Leong October 1, 2010

I was not nervous. The walk down the impossibly long corridor wasn’t a detriment to my resolve. I was not perturbed by the curious—yet wary—faces of rivals and their parents. My...

Reminisicing on lost childhood

Noah Eby October 1, 2010

In a vain effort to avoid doing homework, I recently found myself flipping through the dusty comic books stacked in the corner of my room, remnants of a bygone era. As I turned the tattered pages of volumes...

Interns accept the challenge of teaching students in stride

Dylan Schultz September 29, 2010

Ambitious students from Truman University have begun internships working with teachers during this school year at CHS. These interns aid their teacher mentors inside and outside the classroom with responsibilities...

Guest Column: Voters continue to obstruct marriage equality rights

Globe Staff September 29, 2010
On Nov. 4, 2008, as the country was celebrating the election of Barack Obama, many residents of California were mourning the change in their state and federal constitution as the ballot initiative "Proposition 8" narrowly passed, overturning the state Supreme Court's upholding of same-sex marriage.

Late night craving leads to inspiration

Globe Staff September 29, 2010

I stare at the whitewashed computer screen as the cursor helplessly flashes at me on the blank page. The digital clock next to me screams 11:11. Hoping superstition would save me in this time of need,...

Facebook: The invasion into everyday life

September 29, 2010

Socializing. Late night procrastination. Homework. Facebook isn’t just for posting YouTube videos on friends’ walls and commenting on photos from last weekend anymore. It’s the place...

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