Lunar Levitation

Alex Bernard and Nikki Seraji

When CHS freshman Dominic Anzalone attended Fazio’s Rock Camp the summer before sixth grade, little did he know that his life as a musician would be changed drastically. The students arrived...  Read More »

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Stages of Change

May 15, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.06.52 AM

College Rejection

May 14, 2015

Developing Diversity

May 11, 2015

Clayton’s Keepers

May 5, 2015

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Leader in the Backfield

Leader in the Backfield

Brian Gatter, Reporter

What does it feel like to almost achieve a goal? To be so close to that elusive achievement, but narrowly fall short? Bridget Boeger, in her district cross country final, finished in sixteenth place. The top fifteen...  Read More »

May 12, 2015 • 0 comments

Stepping Up to the Plate

Stepping Up to the Plate

Mariclare Gatter

Freshmen Summer Jacobs, the pitcher on this years Girls Varsity Softball team, recently decided to join the baseball team at CHS. Jacobs will be joining the team next year as a shortstop/second baseman in the spring of her...  Read More »

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2015 NHL Playoff Predictions

2015 NHL Playoff Predictions

Kevin Rosenthal, Max Steinbaum, and Elise Yang

The NHL playoffs are quite possibly the most exhilarating two months in North American sports.  This postseason is sure to bring lots of excitement, as only 16 points separate the 16 teams in the playoffs, the lowest point...  Read More »

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Recent Sports Stories

Matt Carpenter rounds the bases after hitting a postseason home run for the St. Louis Cardinals.

2015 Globe Staff MLB Predictions

April 14, 2015

Cool as the Other Side of the Pillow

March 24, 2015

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Evolution of Words

Nisha Klein

Ever since language first became the norm for human society, it has changed as generations pass, and as words gain new meaning (often from historical context). While past generations would have said, “I’m...  Read More »

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License Plates

Amy Tishler, Reporter

...  Read More »

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Nisha Klein

You sit at your desk, staring at a pile of work that you haven’t started. Instead of grabbing your pencil, your hand finds your phone, and then you’re on YouTube watching videos of cats or Old Spice...  Read More »

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Recent Commentary Stories

Photo of Zayn Malik at the Asian Awards, April 17, 2015 (Photo taken from

What’s Going on with One Direction?

May 9, 2015

One Direction on the Where We Are Tour (taken from the official One Direction Twitter)

One Direction Where We Are Concert Experience

May 9, 2015

Pastor Renita Lamkin of St. Johns AME Church, second from right, joins the protesters who confronted Missouri Highway Patrol Col. Ron Johnson in Ferguson, Mo., on Aug. 14, 2014, with questions about the shooting of Michael Brown. (J.B. Forbes/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/MCT)

Staff Ed: Transparency

May 7, 2015

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Recent Sports Scores

  • Saturday, November 1

    Cross Country

    Clayton High School Boys 6th Place - Lucas Hoffman 8th Place - John Schultz 10th Place - Noah Engel 14th Place - Jacques Painter Girls 7th Place - Gabby Boeger 11th Place - Gracie Morris 13th Place - Mary Kate Gelzer

  • Saturday, November 1


    Clayton High School 7 - Jennings 26

  • Friday, October 31


    Clayton High School 1 - Ladue Rams 0

  • Monday, October 27

    Girls' Tennis Doubles

    Clayton High School State Champions 4-6 , 7-5 , 6-4

  • Friday, October 24

    Cross Country

    Clayton High School Boys Varsity - Senior Ben Tamsky (3), Sophomore Tom Cormier (13), Sophomore Lucas Hoffman (18), Senior Noah Engel (29) Girls Varsity - Junior Gabby Boeger (1), Sophomore Mary Kate Gelzer (11), Freshman Gracie Morris (19), Senior Bridget Boeger (26), Freshman Maggie Baugh (33) Boys Junior Varsity - Junior John Schultz (5), Sophomore Michael Painter (20), Senior Neil Docherty (24), Sophomore Krai Gund (35) Girls Junior Varsity - Junior Gabby Choo-Kang (8), Junior Grace Choi (35)


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