Nelke readily accepts new job as Student Activities Director

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By Schulyer Longmore

Globe Editor

The beginning of a new school year brings about staff changes. For the new school year, the Clayton administration and staff has made some alterations, one very important position being the Student Activities Director. Former campus supervisor and sports coach Mike Nelke has replaced Eric Hamylak as the new Student Activities Director.
The position opened up after former Activities Director, Eric Hamylak, returned to

his home state–Massachussetts–to take a job at a local high school.
“Mr. Hamylak expanded the job considerably,” principal Louise Losos said. “It became so much more, and so much better under his leadership.”
Hamylak experienced great success at the position. He also contributed to the school as a sponsor of student government, C-Club, CHS Club, Peers Protecting Peers, and class officers.
“I was interested, because I knew Mr. Hamylak well and I understood the job,” Activities Director Mike Nelke said. “Plus I’ve always been interested in the direct relationship the Activities Director holds with the student body.”
Mr. Nelke attained the job amongst a competitive crowd of qualified candidates over the student’s summer vacation.
“We had several rounds of review,” Losos said.  “An initial vetting round, a round with student and teacher interview teams, and a final interview with myself and Mr. Gutchewsky.”
The requirements for the position are numerous, because the responsibilities are abundant.
“The individual needs to work well with both faculty and students,” Losos said. “They must also handle money aspects (depositing funds collected and tracking deposits), and so much more.”
Managing the school’s activities and affairs is no small effort.
“I’m in charge of clubs organization, and more importantly financing,” Nelke said. “Managing funds is a job in itself. It is a big workload, but having 80 students help out makes the process more manageable. Jackie Moyne is a huge contribution as well.”
The position of Student Activities Director holds a plethora of responsibilities; including, but not limited to, overseeing all clubs, maintaining financial activity for all clubs, planning, facilitating, and supervising prom, homecoming, elections, curriculum nights, pep rallies, arts fair, as well as assisting with other school planned fundraisers, dances, and activities.
With the new position filled, the administration hopes for a continuation of the position’s success.
“We hope for [Mr. Nelke] to build upon the successes of Mr. Hamylak,” Losos said. “And also to support teachers and administrators in school events both large and small.”
The Activities Director’s work revolves largely around the events and activities that occur within and around the high school. Organization and diligence are necessities in maintaining the ever-growing workload of Clayton High School’s Activities.
The job has not been altered very much with the change of staff.
For the most part, the job has stayed the same. The official requirements of the job have been revised on paper to add many of the things Mr. Hamylak covered during his time at Clayton.
“I’m not sponsoring the clubs Mr. Hamylak helped with, but I will still be coaching basketball,” Nelke said. “Last year I coached three sports and still managed to put in full time at school. It won’t be a problem to divide the workload.”
Major changes have not been planned yet.
“Before I try and come in here and change things, I’m going to get my feet wet,” Nelke said. “I’ll see what can be changed and what can stay the same.”
After a successful freshman orientation on Aug. 13, the activities for the year are off to a start. With no mistakes in his first vital school event, Nelke has successfully launched a year of activities.
Mr. Nelke is filling an extremely important role at Clayton, and will contribute his own ideas to the position.
“My hope is that Mr. Nelke will solidify some of the things Mr. Hamylak did and put his own mark on it,” Losos said.

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