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Major League Baseball 2013 Season Preview

New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, left, keeps an eye on the Philadelphia Phillies’ Chase Utley as he takes a lead from second base during the first inning in Tampa, Florida, in spring training action on Wednesday, March 13, 2013. (David Maialetti/Philadelphia Daily News/MCT)

Baseball fans across the nation are growing excited. Why? Opening day is tomorrow. Here are the Globe predictions for the season, including a player to watch for each team. The player to watch is not necessarily the best player on the team, just one who may have a big impact.

American League (AL) East

Predicted finish:

1. New York Yankees- The Yankees will get off to a slow start due to injury, then regain their footing for yet another division title.

Player to watch: Michael Pineda will not be able to pitch until June due to injury, but expect his presence to lift the Yankee rotation.

2. Toronto Blue Jays (First wild card)- Big off season moves will pay off and the Blue Jays will make it to the playoffs.

Player to watch: Josh Johnson did not live up to his hype in Miami, but don’t rule out a strong season in a new league.

3. Tampa Bay Rays (Second wild card)- Despite trading away James Shields, the Rays still have strong pitching and an improved offense.

Player to watch: Wil Meyers is a rookie that will raise a lot of eyebrows in 2013.

4. Baltimore Orioles- The Orioles are a solid team, but the tough AL East will make a playoff birth difficult.

Player to watch: Manny Machado is a star in the making.

5. Boston Red Sox- Like the Orioles, the Red Sox struggles will mostly be due to an extremely tough division.

Player to watch: Joel Hanrahan is a new addition, and has turned in a number of strong seasons in the past.

AL Central

Predicted finish:

1. Detroit Tigers- The 2013 Tigers are healthier team than last season, a season where they made the World Series. Expect big things from Detroit.

Player to watch: Austin Jackson had a nice season last year. The outfielder could turn in an All-Star caliber season.

2. Kansas City Royals- Their strong farm system will pay off, but the squad will fall short of a playoff birth in 2013.

Player to watch: Eric Hosmer will bounce back from a disappointing season in 2012.

3. Cleveland Indians- The Indians sport a solid squad but are not ready to make the leap to the postseason.

Player to watch: Trevor Bauer had an extremely strong arm and a bright future. The former Arizona Diamondback will pitch well for the Indians.

4. Chicago White Sox- The struggles the White Sox saw at the end of the 2012 season will continue. The team does not have the depth to succeed.

Player to watch: Chris Sale is an extremely good pitcher. He will be one of few bright spots for the White Sox.

5. Minnesota Twins- Do not expect much from the Twins. They are an injury prone team lacking depth- not a good spot to be in.

Player to watch: Joe Benson is a younger player that could play well.

AL West

Predicted finish:

1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim- Their lineup is one of the best in the league. With decent pitching, they will make the playoffs.

Player to watch: Mark Trumbo is a very good hitter. Expect another All-Star season.

2. Texas Rangers- Though they have decent pitching and a good offense, the Rangers will continually miss Josh Hamilton’s big bat in their lineup.

Player to watch: Jurickson Profar is another rising star. He will make an impact when he is called up to the big leagues.

3. Seattle Mariners- The Mariners could surprised some people. They have pitching depth and an improved (but still mediocre) offense.

Player to watch: Kendrys Morales was a very good player before he was plagued with two years of injury. He looks to rebound with the Mariners.

4. Oakland Athletics- They won’t surprise anyone this year and will not have a successful season.

Player to watch: Yoenis Cespedes will further adjust to U.S. pitching. He will have a breakout year.

5. Houston Astros- The Astros are moving into a tougher division and have a weak squad. Sorry, Houston, but expect to see them at the bottom of the AL.

Player to watch: Jose Altuve is a decent hitter and will be good for the Astros. Expect him to hit over .300.

National League (NL) East

Predicted finish:

1. Washington Nationals- Pitching depth, offensive depth and a strong bullpen. The Nationals are emerging as an NL force.

Player to watch: Jordan Zimmerman had a good season last year. Expect them to be even better in 2013.

2. Atlanta Braves (First wild card)- Though the leadership of Chipper Jones will be missed, the Braves will win the wild card for a second straight season.

Player to watch: Brandon Beachy will be a very good pitcher when he returns from injury.

3. Philadelphia Phillies- The Phillies are unpredictable. It is hard to tell where they will wind up. Expect improved pitching but decreased offense.

Player to watch: Domonic Brown may start to hit like the Phillies hope he will.

4. New York Mets- Young pitching will not be ready but expect good things from the Mets in a year or two.

Player to watch: Matt Harvey is a very good young pitcher. Getting a few innings of experience will help him this season.

5. Miami Marlins- The Marlins are a wreck. Ownership traded away their best players (aside from Giancarlo Stanton). Fans and players are angry in Miami.

Player to watch: Zack Cox, a former Cardinal prospect, could make his Major League debut in 2013.

NL Central

Predicted finish:

1. Cincinnati Reds- The Reds have good pitching and a good lineup. Their team disappointed in the playoffs last year, but will give themselves a chance to redeem themselves in 2013.

Player to watch: Shin-Soo Choo is a great fit with the Reds. The former Indian will have a nice 2013 season.

2. St. Louis Cardinals- The injury prone Cardinals may have a tough time in 2013. They will finish with a decent record but miss the playoffs.

Player to watch: Shelby Miller was a top prospect at one point. He has a chance to prove himself in the starting rotation in 2013.

3. Milwaukee Brewers- Though they have solid pitchers, the Brewers lack an ace.

Player to watch: Norichika Aoki is a decent outfielder. He will continue to improve in 2013. If the Brewers are lucky, he will hit over .300.

4. Pittsburgh Pirates- The Pirates will get off to a hot start but will struggle d0wn the stretch and finish below the .500 mark.

Player to watch: Starling Marte is a great player. The all around talent will have a very nice season in 2013.

5. Chicago Cubs- The Cubs are not where they need to be to succeed. The lack pitching and an offense other than Starlin Castro.

Player to watch: David DeJesus may have a nice season and make it to the All-Star game.

NL West

Predicted Finish:

1. Los Angeles Dodgers- The Dodgers will start to play like a team. Their late season moves from 2012 will pay off.

Player to watch: Hanley Ramirez will preform well in his first full season outside of Florida.

2. San Francisco Giants (Second wild card)- Their pitching will be dominant, but the Giants may lack offense. That said, the defending champs will make it to the postseason.

Player to watch: Tim Lincecum could return to his Cy Young form. Expect some improvement, maybe even to where he once was as a pitcher.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks- The Diamondbacks will not have a very good season. Their main trade in the off season (trading Bauer) was not a good one.

Player to watch: Heath Bell will rebound from a tough season in Miami.

4. Colorado Rockies- They lack pitching, but a decent offense will prevent them from finishing in last place.

Player to watch:  Dexter Fowler is a speedy baserunner and a decent hitter. He could make the All-Star game in 2013.

5. San Diego Padres- The Padres do not have a strong rotation, nor a quality batting order. Expect them to finish in the cellar of the AL West.

Player to watch: Cameron Maybin has not been very good so far in his career, but he could have a breakout season in 2013.

Playoff Predictions


Wild card- Toronto (4) over Tampa Bay (5)

Division series- Toronto (4) over Los Angeles Angels (1)

New York Yankees (2) over Detroit (3)

ALCS- New York Yankees (2) over Toronto (4)


Wild card- San Francisco (5) over Atlanta (4)

Division series- Washington (1) over San Francisco (5)

Los Angeles Dodgers (2) over Cincinnati Reds (3)

NLCS- Los Angeles Dodgers (2) over Washington (1)

World Series

Los Angeles Dodgers over New York Yankees

Six games

Awards Race

AL MVP- Albert Pujols

NL MVP- Matt Kemp

AL Cy Young- Justin Verlander

NL Cy Young- Stephen Strasburg

AL Rookie of the Year- Wil Meyers

NL Rookie of the Year- Adam Eaton

AL Manager of the Year- Ned Yost

NL Manager of the Year- Bruce Bochy

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Major League Baseball 2013 Season Preview