Phoenix with Bastille

On Friday Dec. 13, The Pageant hosted popular alternative band Bastille and Grammy-award winning Phoenix. The two bands together played an amazing show, with Bastille opening and Phoenix following closely after.

Bastille opened their part of the show with some hits off of their album “Bad Blood”. The energy in the venue was awesome, especially when lead singer Dan Smith walked through the audience to give the people in the back a close-up view of his fabulous hair and solid vocals. They closed the set with their most popular song, “Pompeii”.

Phoenix took the stage shortly after, opening with a song off of their most recent album, “Bankrupt!”, called “Entertainment”.

Taken by Sophie Allen
Taken by Sophie Allen

They followed this with “Lasso”, from an earlier album titled “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”, and then a mashup of several songs from both albums.

The entire band’s stage presence was incredible. They wasted no time in making the whole audience sing along and watch in awe as they remixed and made each of the songs they sang better than the last.

During the final song, and arguably their most popular, “1901”, lead singer Thomas Mars followed Smith’s example and also took a trip into the audience. He was brought back on stage when helpful fans decided crowd-surfing was the way to go.

As an encore, Mars came back out and sang a few slower songs, including a different part of “Entertainment” and “Countdown”.

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