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Spring Sports Preview

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2013 record: 14-13

Players to watch: John Howard, Auggie Mense, Nick Bax

Goals: To utilize team continuity and upperclassmen leadership, leading to a strong regular season and a playoff run.


Boys’ Golf

2013 record: Two state qualifiers

Players to watch: Elliott Ambort, Robert Hogan, Chris Sleckman

Goals: To have multiple state qualifiers and place highly in many tournaments.


Boys’ Tennis

2013 record: 8-4

Players to watch: Mac Rechan, Joey Dulle, Adam Rangwala

Goals: To continue success in both the individual and team elements of the game, ideally at the state level.


Boys’ Track

2013 record: Eight state qualifiers

Players to watch: Bryan Hodges, Frank May, Andy Hodapp

Goals: To qualify many people to state and sectionals and score many team points at the District, Sectional and State meet.


Girls’ Lacrosse

2013 record: 8-11

Players to watch: Maddie Mills, Grace Harrison, Natalie Miller

Goals: To get their record over .500 and to utilize their talent from both upper and under classmen.


Boys’ Lacrosse

2013 record: 10-8

Players to watch: Gabe Remshardt, Jimmy O’Reilly, Adam Lopata

Goals: To have a strong mentality going into the season and to make a run at the state championship.


Girls’ Soccer

2013 record: 11-10

Players to watch: Abby Rivard, Marilyn Gund, Gabby Boeger

Goals: To utilize new members of the team, finish above .500, beat MICDS and make it through Districts.


Girls’ Track

2013 record: First at Marion Freeman Invitational, five state qualifiers

Players to watch: Jolena Pang, Heather Stone, Lily Niswonger

Goals: To come together as a team, despite the individual nature of the sport, and compete at the District and state level.


Water Polo

2013 record: 13-15

Players to watch: Doren Lan, Noah Youkilis, Amit Michaelson

Goals: To improve to over .500 and to overcome the loss of strong seniors with veteran leadership and young talent.

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Spring Sports Preview