Bubble Soccer

Have you ever wanted to be a bubble?

The CHS DECA club’s promotional video for its bubble soccer fundraiser caught the attention of students not least for its whimsical nature.  The Greyhound News Network broadcast showed several students thoroughly wrapped in plastic, playing soccer in the bounciest manner possible.

Student and DECA participant Bennett Essman first got the idea for the fundraiser from an online video similar to the one shown on the daily announcements.  Although the original intent was to find a Quidditch-like activity, he and sponsor Marci Boland both found bubble soccer to be a fun activity suitable for DECA’s purposes.

“I knew we had to use it once I saw the video,” Essman said.  “It was hilarious.”

According to Boland, the bubbles are made of a very durable plastic, and the activity is very safe as long as students follow the safe procedures.  Students will don the inflated plastic molds and play the World Game while trying not to knock themselves over.

The new fundraiser is, in part, a response to some changes over the past year.  Bubble soccer is partially a reaction to the recent budget cuts.  According to sponsor Marci Boland, the DECA club’s funding has been recently cut by approximately 80%, significantly increasing the necessity for fundraisers.  The money raised will be used to fund students’ participations at all levels of DECA activity, from the local competition to, hopefully, the International Career and Development Conference.

“Students considering supporting DECA: just come out.  This seems like it’s going to be so incredibly fun, rewarding.”  Boland said.  “If you’re not going to participate, at least come out to watch, because it’s going to be a great laugh!”

She added, “I myself am putting on a bubble and running around, but no one is allowed to run me over.”