Sporadic St. Louis


(Ron Jenkins/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT)

The sun begins to set over the famous St. Louis Arch.

Daniel Cho, Sports Section Editor

Winter in St. Louis varies every year. One year could be the coldest winter yet while the next year the hottest. There might be a lot of snow one season but none the next. However, despite our cities crazy weather, people learn to love it.

Nonetheless, St. Louis provides great places to go and sights to see. First off, Steinberg Ice rink, open every day during the winter offers a great outdoor experience of ice skating. Open since the 1950’s, this outdoor ice rink is sure to give you a blast.

Winter Wonderland at Tilles Park, the acres and acres of lights that transform Tilles Park into Winter Wonderland is something every St. Louisan should endure experience at least once. Also, winter hikes. — Here’s a contrarian position: The best time to go for a hike in the Midwest is the winter, not the summer. You don’t have to worry about mosquitoes and other bloodsuckers (we’re looking at you, ticks), and the leafless trees provide hidden vistas you don’t see in other seasons. Such is the case at Cliff Cave Park in south St. Louis County which affords stunning views of the Mississippi River this time of year.

Also, sledding is a big staple in St. Louis. With hills such as Art Hill in Forest Park, St. Louis makes the perfect place to go sledding. Along with skiing,  St. Louis is home to the Hidden Valley Ski Resort. Hidden Valley is known as the only place to ski in the St. Louis area. The next closest place would probably be 6-8 hours north, in Wisconsin. This artificial ski resort makes it more of an icy experience while not having to deal with the cold temperatures.People have been known to come snowboard in T-shirts.

Next, St. Louis holds The Loop Ice Carnival in Delmar. This event is home to the greatest ice sculpture of the year. Also enjoy s’mores, snowball fights and the human dog sled races.

Finally, St. Louis has Our Lady of the Snows Shrine Way of Lights. This is a shrine situated on one hundred acres of farmland. A stunning exhibit of modern architecture and landscape, the Shrine transforms itself every holiday season with the Way of Lights. The mile-and-a-half drive traverses the park, which is glowing with more than 1.7 million lights. Many St. Louis families make the Way of Lights an annual Christmas tradition. Also, the whole are is free!

So instead of binge watching on Netflix this winter, go out and experience St. Louis’s winter firsthand!